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Portland Label Unearths Lost Sun Ra Concert

When you think about the most important musical experiences of your life, the concerts that helped shape your perception of both music and yourself, how do you conjure up those black box recorder sounds? 

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10 Questions With: Portland Rapper Mic Capes

Capes discusses becoming a full-time musician, Tupac's influence on his life, the role TriMet played in his writing and why it's so obvious that the president of the United States is a racist.

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What Makes A Jazz Standard?

Christian McBride of Jazz Night in America joins NPR's Audie Cornish with a few criteria for what turns a regular composition into a canonized classic.

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The Bad Plus: The Band That Never Stops

For a group that has always stood for musical collectivism — the substitution of pianist Orrin Evans for Ethan Iverson — was a shakeup of existential proportions.

Photo: Colin Marshall, NPR

Behind the Mic: Scott Thayer

For this month's Behind the Mic, we chat with DJ Scott Thayer — host of KMHD's rare vinyl show, The Deep Dig, on-air from 7-9pm Thursday evenings.

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Notations from — Marcus Roberts, Part II of II

KMHD's Deborah DeMoss Smith, host of The Second Line from 11am-1pm on Sundays, talks with pianist Marcus Roberts.


London's Contemporary Jazz Scene Shines On 'We Out Here'

The compilation from Gilles Peterson's indie label showcases the best and brightest genre-blenders making London jazz exciting.

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Behind the Mic: Luis Ocasio

If you count on KMHD as your late-night soundtrack, you probably already know and love Luis Ocasio. Host of the brand new show The Joint, Luis delivers a chilled-out set of boom-bap beats and dynamic, contemporary instrumentations every Monday-Thursday from 11pm-midnight. Here we find out more about his life and what he gets up to when he's off the air.

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Why Christian Scott's Centennial Trilogy Is a Masterpiece

KMHD staff takes a look inside the most underappreciated music release of 2017.

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KMHD's Top 10 Jazz Albums Of 2017

Here at KMHD, we listened to an incredible volume of amazing music in 2017. It’s been a year of releases that remind us why this sound is so important — it uplifts, inspires, reflects and makes space for honesty.

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KMHD's Top Singles Of 2017

In jazz, single cuts can contain a dimensionality and completeness that takes pop music a whole album to achieve.  And, as we witness a transition from albums to singles as the primary format for new music releases - a top singles list is essential.

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Notations from — Marcus Roberts, Part I of II

KMHD's Deborah DeMoss Smith, host of The Second Line from 11am-1pm on Sundays, talks with pianist Marcus Roberts.


Roy Ayers: Tiny Desk Concert

Watch the 77-year-old jazz-funk icon perform "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" (and more) at the Tiny Desk.

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