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KMHD's 2020 PDX Jazz Festival Guide

The KMHD staff breaks down this year's PDX Jazz Fest schedule day-by-day with our must-sees and top recommendations for any taste.

Photo: Courtesy of PDX Jazz

Video Premiere: Old Unconscious — Banana Stand Unpeeled Session

Portland's Old Unconscious don't use the term "jazz" to define their music, but improvisation is at its core. Watch the quartet perform songs from their equal-parts groovy and experimental LP Sunfort for this Banana Stand Unpeeled session.

Photo: Banana Stand


Antibalas' 'Fu Chronicles' Is A Martial Arts-Inspired Testament To Afrobeat

For two decades, some of Afropop's hottest sounds have come out of Brooklyn. Duke Amayo and Martin Perna of the band Antibalas talk about their latest release, Fu Chronicles.


Jonathan Scales Fourchestra: Tiny Desk Concert

Here's a first: Steelpans at the Tiny Desk. It's true. Nearly a thousand performances into the series and the instrument has never been featured, until now.

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SiR: Tiny Desk Concert

The R&B singer from Inglewood, CA made his performance a family affair, dedicating it to his late godson, with his mother and older brother on backup vocals.

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KMHD's Favorite Jazz Albums Of The 2010s

Looking back over a decade of music is quite the luxury when compiling a "Best Of" list. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a daunting task as well. One has to consider how the future will perceive this music. What marked the sound of this past decade? This list is our best guess. 

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KMHD's Top 10 Jazz Albums Of 2019

Each year the KMHD staff listens to an incredible volume of music that proves jazz is not only alive and well, but the most international and vital music genre of the 21st century. Here are 10 albums you'll want to start the new year with.

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Photographing A Musical Exchange Between New Orleans And Havana

An indomitable musical culture survived the tragedy of the international slave trade. Alt.Latino captured a weeklong celebration featuring artists Trombone Shorty, Tank and the Bangas and Cimafunk.

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Jordan Rakei: Tiny Desk Concert

Despite some unexpected gear problems, the soulful R&B artist and his band locked-in and played a phenomenal set behind the Tiny Desk.


Brownout: Tiny Desk Concert

The Austin, Texas band brought old-school R&B horns, bongos and deep grooves to the Tiny Desk.


Jazz Saxophone Legend Jimmy Heath Has Died

The saxophonist and composer — an artist who wrote for Miles Davis and Charlie Parker, and who nurtured John Coltrane — died Sunday at age 93.

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