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GoGo Penguin: Tiny Desk Concert

This trio has become a reference point of their own for new school instrumentalists, a coveted achievement for any jazz group, though their appeal stretches far outside the jazz ecosystem.

Photo: NPR, Samantha Clark

Albums We Love: New Hymn to Freedom

KMHD's Program Director Matt Fleeger tells us what he loves about New Hymn to Freedom, the Aug. 31 release from London-based ambient jazz trio Szun Waves.

Esperanza Spalding Is The 21st Century's Jazz Genius

The ways in which Spalding's music is the most radical are perhaps the most easily overlooked: how, through her singing and playing, she challenges gender norms across styles.

Photo: Photo Illustration: A163/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images and Angela Hsieh/NPR

Erykah Badu: Tiny Desk Concert

The singer's performance at the Tiny Desk was an almost spiritual experience, leaving many at the NPR Music offices in awe.

Photo: NPR, Morgan Noelle Smith

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Albums We Love: Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun

Released this May via International Anthem, Ben Lamar Gay's debut record belongs firmly in the here and now, where genre bounds are less relevant than ever and an album can be anything it wants — or, in this case, where one album can be just about everything.

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Blossom & Ripley Snell at Eyrst Studios

Portland singer Blossom and emcee Ripley Snell perform their dreamy, downtempo hip-hop in the room where they created it: Eyrst Studios.

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Photos from Pickathon 2018

Shots from some of our favorite shows at this year's Pickathon festival: Ethio-jazz legend Hailu Mergia, psychedelic soul group Black Pumas, guitar-centric Malian outfit Tinariwen, and more.

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A Tribe Called Mars: A (Musical) Novella

Portland band Tribe Mars is set to release their self-titled debut album on July 6, a genre-bending offering of jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop and sounds not yet defined.


Behind the Mic: DJ Action Slacks

Take a tour of DJ Action Slacks’ record collection every Thursday from 9 to 11pm on Travlin’ the Tracks. One of Portland’s favorite live soul DJs, DJ Action Slacks will keep you on the move through vintage R&B, soul, blues and jazz from the 1940s - 1970s. We went behind the mic to learn a little bit more about KMHD’s newest host.  

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Portland Label Unearths Lost Sun Ra Concert

When you think about the most important musical experiences of your life, the concerts that helped shape your perception of both music and yourself, how do you conjure up those black box recorder sounds? 

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10 Questions With: Portland Rapper Mic Capes

Capes discusses becoming a full-time musician, Tupac's influence on his life, the role TriMet played in his writing and why it's so obvious that the president of the United States is a racist.


Kamasi Washington's Heaven Exists In His Mind

The jazz torchbearer's new record 'Heaven and Earth' represents the relationship between his inner world and outward reality.

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