Courtesy Bend Police Department

The Bend Police Department has started an aggressive effort to reduce bicycle theft.

Bend police report that there was a 49 percent increase in bike theft in 2015. Many stolen bikes were snatched from the owner’s yards or unlocked garages.

“It’s important to minimize that not just for the bikes that are worth $10,000 but also for the bikes worth $150, $200,” said Lt. Clint Burleigh, pointing out the economic impact of bike theft ripples throughout the community.

“It’s over $400,000, and that’s a lot of money,” said Burleigh.

To combat the increase in bike theft, Bend police initiated a campaign to identify serial bike thieves. They’re also conducting bike sting operations to catch would-be thieves in the act.  

And police are partnering with local cycling shops to help educate bike owners about the need for sturdy locks.