The Oregon State Police announced Monday that it is ending its contract with Oregon State University due to a staffing shortage.

OSP has been the primary provider of law enforcement services at the university since the 1980s. The agency’s contract will end June 30 next year.

“Oregon law enforcement resources are in drastic decline and our statewide offices are starving for police personnel,” Mindy McCartt, communications director for OSP, said in a statement. “Oregon State University has been a tremendous partner to the Oregon State Police for decades and OSP treasures our relationships in the greater Corvallis community.

“OSP will work closely with OSU on an exit strategy for policing resources and we offer our commitment to support them in this time of transition.”

As part of the contract, Oregon State Police provide the university with one lieutenant, one sergeant, 10 troopers and two administrative staff.

Steve Clark, vice president of university relations and marketing for OSU, said the university will explore other law enforcement options before the contract ends.

“We will consider who are the best providers of licensed law enforcement services. We’ll talk with them about that and we will continue to evaluate our own on-campus university-based programs as well,” Clark said.

The university has a Department of Public Safety which provides safety services but doesn’t have armed officers or carry out arrests.

That department includes nearly 40 people, including a mix of officers and support staff, according to the university.

OSU also has a mutual aid agreement with the Corvallis Police Department for students living off campus.

State police at the university will be reassigned to neighboring patrol offices with vacancies.