An aerial view of the expansion site.

An aerial view of the expansion site.

Oregon State University-Cascades

Oregon State University-Cascades is breaking ground on an expansion of its Bend campus. A new academic building will sit on land redeveloped from former waste and mining sites.

Builders plan to move soil from an old landfill to fill a pumice mine adjacent to the university’s existing footprint. The filled-in mine will provide the ground for a 50,000-square-foot academic building “devoted to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics,” according to the university.

Grace-Science Labs donated $1 million to the project, according to the OSU-Cascades website. The company develops, manufactures and sells high tech lab equipment from its facilities in Bend.

The project will develop more sidewalks, roads, parking, an amphitheater and green spaces on Bend’s West side. OSU has promised off-campus infrastructure to support the growth, such as a roundabout on Colorado Avenue to help with traffic, and a new pedestrian bike path, leading to the expansion’s to-be-built entrance.

University officials said construction could finish by summer 2021.