The Portland Police Bureau said Monday it is investigating an incident involving a silver Lexus that collided with a protester during a demonstration for a man who was shot and killed by Portland officers.

A crowd marched through downtown Portland on Saturday, protesting the death of Patrick Kimmons, a 27-year-old African-American man who was shot and killed by police last month.

During the march, the driver of a 2013 silver Lexus refused to stop for a protester who was attempting to block traffic.

Police have spoken to the driver, who told them he sustained $3,000 in damage to his vehicle.

The registered owner of the silver Lexus hung up when reached by OPB. The owner is a Portland resident and has a valid license, according to DMV records.

Witnesses said the driver slowed but refused to stop. One protester stood in front of the Lexus. The car accelerated gradually into the protester, pushing him forward. After several seconds, the protester moved to the side and appeared to be unharmed. The vehicle accelerated away.

The incident was captured by KATU.

Police said they’d like to talk to anyone involved who may be a victim of the incident.