Umpqua Shooting

Lovers Of Life: Remembering The Roseburg 9

Oct. 7, 2015 8:30 p.m.

The nine victims who died in the Umpqua Community College mass shooting on Oct. 1 were an eclectic mix of talented students, parents and lovers of life.

Here, we celebrate the lives of the Roseburg nine.

Lucero Alcarez, 19, Roseburg

Lucero Alcarez was studying to be a pediatric nurse. She was a graduate of Roseburg High School, along with several other victims of the shooting. Her friends and family describe her as a sweet, genuine person who was also a talented artist. She had a full-ride scholarship to attend UCC.

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Treven Anspach, 20, Sutherlin

Many people in southern Oregon and different parts of the state remember Treven Anspach as an extremely talented basketball player. He is the son of a member of the local fire department. His family says Anspach wanted to marry his high school sweetheart. Family members also say he was a positive young man who was always looking for the best in life, and who really brought out the best in those around him. Anspach's parents described him as "a perfect son."

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Rebecka Carnes, 18, Myrtle Creek

Rebecka Carnes loved the outdoors — her family says she was an avid hunter. She had just graduated from South Umpqua High School in Myrtle Creek. She was interested in getting into a health care field. She's also a cousin of Oregon Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley.

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Quinn Cooper, 18, Roseburg

Quinn Cooper had just started his fourth day of college when the shooting happened. He had graduated from Roseburg High School. His family describes him as funny, sweet, compassionate and somebody who would stand up for other people. They also said Cooper loved karate and was getting ready to take his brown belt test. He loved dancing, voice acting and playing with his siblings.


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Kim Saltmarsh Dietz, 59, Roseburg

Kim Saltmarsh Dietz was an animal lover. She was the owner of two great Pyrenees dogs. She worked as the caretaker at a vineyard in the Roseburg area. Her daughter also attended Umpqua Community College, but was not hurt on the day of the shooting.

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Lucas Eibel, 18, Roseburg

Lucas Eibel graduated of Roseburg High School last summer with good grades. Eibel was a quadruplet, and in high school he and his three siblings were nicknamed "The Quad" by their friends. Eibel was studying chemistry at UCC.

His family describes him as an amazing person who also spent a lot of time volunteering with Future Farmers of America, Wildlife Safari and a local animal shelter.

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Jason Johnson, 33, Winston

Jason Johnson had just completed a Salvation Army drug and alcohol rehabilitation program before enrolling at UCC. One of his good friends from the residential program described him as a very sweet man, who would come in and check on him every night before they went to bed. Johnson's family also said he was proud to be a Christian and was getting his life back on track.  His family said they were proud of him for enrolling in college.

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Larry Levine, 67, Glide

Larry Levine was the teacher in the class that was primarily targeted. He was an assistant English professor at UCC, and was very popular with students. By most accounts the great love of his life was fly fishing. He loved the North Umpqua River  — he loved writing about the river, he loved spending time on the river, and dedicated his life to it. His friends from the southern Oregon fishing community remember him as a very laid back, easy going and quiet man.

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Sarena Moore, 44, Myrtle Creek

Sarena Moore was studying business at Umpqua Community College. She has several young adult children. The Seventh Day Adventist Church community in Grants Pass was important in her life. Moore also used a wheelchair and had a service dog with her at the time of the shooting. She adored the dog, and often helped neglected animals.

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