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Analysis: The Politics Of National Humiliation In The Trump-Xi Meeting


Under the Communist Party's ideological reeducation of China's population, humiliation by foreign powers forms an emotional underpinning of the country's national identity.

How To Start A Revolution


Revolutions don't just happen. A data-driven approach to studying activism suggests two characteristics can vastly increase chances of success.

Instagram Advertising: Do You Know It, When You See It?


"Micro-influencers" work with big companies to sell products on social media. Consumer groups are increasingly concerned that many posts on Instagram and platforms aren't clearly marked as ads.

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How Georgia Became A Surprising Bright Spot In The U.S. Solar Industry

Solar is booming in Georgia, and it's not because of state mandates supporting renewable energy or concerns about climate change. Instead, powerful market forces are driving the growth.

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Where Will Portland's Alder Street Food Carts Go? City Looks To The North Park Blocks.

With the Ritz-Carlton hotel poised to arrive in Portland, city officials are scrambling to try to relocate the Alder Street food cart pod to the North Park Blocks.

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Oregon Legislature Repeals 25-Year-Old Tsunami Zone Building Law

The Oregon Legislature has repealed a nearly 25-year-old law prohibiting new schools, hospitals, jails and police and fire stations from being built in the state's tsunami inundation zone.

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Eldorado Resorts Buys Caesars For $17.3 Billion

To acquire the venerable Caesars name and properties, Eldorado will part with $7.2 billion in cash and around 77 million in stock shares.

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Nursing Home Closures In Washington Send Families Scrambling As Industry Sounds Alarm

A wave of nursing home closures in Washington is forcing patients and their families to scramble to find new facilities. Industry officials have warned lawmakers that closures will continue without emergency funding.

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Amazon Explores Having Its Drones Provide 'Home Surveillance' For Customers

The tech giant is moving closer to a future in which customers order drones to hover around a home and scan for things like a garage door left open, a broken window, graffiti or a fire.

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1st-Time Homebuyers Are Getting Squeezed Out By Investors

The pool of smaller, affordable starter houses is low. And the market for these first-time home purchases is increasingly being driven by investors who help push prices out of reach.

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New Report Says Women Will Soon Be Majority Of College-Educated U.S. Workers

This year U.S. women who graduated from college will likely make up a majority of adults with degrees in the labor force. The increase could signal greater earning potential for women in the future.

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2020 Democrats Offer Up Affordable Housing Plans Amid Surging Prices

Candidates have proposed everything from tax credits for renters to spending billions on new affordable housing to address a prime example of racial and income inequality.

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Putting A Price On Chat: Slack Stock Jumps On First Day Of Trading

In just five years, Slack has grown to more than 10 million users and become a verb in the process. "I'll Slack you" is shorthand for sending a message via the chat platform. Now it's going public.