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GOP Releases Final Tax Bill As Rubio, Corker Boost Path To Christmas Passage


The two Republican senators had been holdouts but now the bill appears on track for passage next week.

CHART: How The New Version Of The Republican Tax Bill Would Affect You


The bill would lower the rate for top earners and also let graduate students keep their tuition waivers

Episode 813: The Produce Show


Five reporters go to the New York Produce Show and Conference, each on a mission.

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In A Crisis Of Sexual Harassment, Whither The Office Romance?

Efforts to eliminate harassment in the workplace target a site where couples tend to meet and fall in love — but also a place where power can be abused.

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Trump Administration Moves To Kill Rules For Organic Eggs

It's the latest Obama-era agriculture regulation to go on the chopping block. This one governs the treatment of animals on organic farms. But most organic farmers actually support the rule.

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Avocado Hand Injuries Are Real. Is A Seedless Fruit The Answer?

Apparently people are showing up in the ER with nerve injuries from improperly cutting the pit out of an avocado. So now there's a cute new seedless variety.

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Forget Neutrality

Most Americans have at most one choice for broadband internet. On today's show: How it got that way, and what it means for the debate over net neutrality.

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An $846,000 Inheritance Got Lost In Transit. That Was In February

The only money a Canadian family has recovered from a lost bank draft is the $32 it cost to ship the document. Their bank, TD Canada Trust, has delayed issuing the money.

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No Longer A Mill Town, Camas Holds On To Its Blue-Collar Past

An industry that once defined the town of Camas, Washington, is coming to an end. Last month, Georgia-Pacific announced it will close most of its production at the 134-year old paper mill.

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Rule Change Could Give Restaurants More Control Over Workers' Tips

The Labor Department has proposed a new rule that would give owners of restaurants and other service businesses more control over workers' tips. But critics warn owners would get too much leeway.

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The USDA Rolled Back Protections For Small Farmers. Now The Farmers Are Suing

At issue is the Trump administration's withdrawal of two Obama-era rules designed to protect small farmers who say they are being exploited by the meatpacking companies they supply.

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Reinventing The Cheese Wheel: From Farmhouse To Factory And Back Again

A new book traces the transatlantic cheese wars that led to the rise of factory cheeses and loss of traditional varietals, and looks at the farmhouse cheesemakers working to restore that lost legacy.

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New York Times Names A.G. Sulzberger, 37, Its Next Publisher

A former reporter and editor, Sulzberger led the team that produced the Times' influential "innovation report" in 2014. He will be the sixth member of his family to lead the newspaper since 1896.