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Starbucks Closes More Than 2,000 Stores In China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak


The coffee chain has temporarily closed the stores locations to limit the spread of the coronavirus that has sickened more than 4,500 people.

Canada Wins, U.S. Loses In Global Fight For High-Tech Workers


If there is a global war for tech talent, right now Canada is winning. And U.S. immigration policies are part of the reason.

I Can't Work With You! How Political Fights Leave Workplaces Divided


Amid impeachment and the 2020 election, surveys show political fevers running high at work, undercutting trust and productivity. And workers and employers are bracing for those dynamics to get worse.

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Meals On Wheels Serves Up Breakfast, Lunch And Community At Local Diner

Meals on Wheels usually means home delivery or lunch at a senior center. But at a new project in Vancouver, Wash., it's a retro-hip neighborhood diner where seniors can get eggs, coffee and community.

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Kobe Bryant's Death Puts A Focus On Helicopter Safety

The crash that killed Kobe Bryant has put a spotlight on helicopter safety. Some helicopter trips — like personal or private helicopter rides — are more likely than others to end in a fatal accident.

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Washington Legislature Considering Allowing Sports Betting In Casinos

Bills to allow sports betting at Indian casinos in Washington state, including events like the Super Bowl and the World Series, have been introduced in the Legislature.

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2020 Political Campaigns Are Trying To Avoid A 2016-Style Hack

Four years after Russians hacked the Clinton campaign's emails, political candidates are scrambling to beef up their defenses against cyberattacks. Many politicians haven't updated their security.

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The Erie Canal As A Model Of How To Build Big Projects Again

The federal government said no. But New Yorkers rallied anyway and got the job done.

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Oregon Lawmakers Could Ban Police From Enforcing Transit Fares

The bill marks the second time Rep. Diego Hernandez, D-Portland, has sought to tamp down police involvement in fare enforcement.

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Bigleaf Maple Syrup Flows As Profits Drip From Once-Maligned Northwest Tree

The Northwest is getting into the lucrative maple syrup industry. Farmers and researchers in Washington state are beginning to tap the sweet potential of the much-maligned bigleaf maple tree.

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Want To Own A Ferryboat? A Former Washington State Ferry Is For Sale Again

Do you want to own an old ferryboat? A retired Washington car ferry is for sale again after the current owner's many ideas for the boat did not work out.

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Don't Be Like Jeff Bezos. Here's How To Keep Your Phone Safe From Hackers

The world's richest man and high tech mastermind Jeff Bezos allegedly was hacked by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. What do you need to know to protect your phone from perhaps less royal attacks?

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'Franchise' Tracks The Rise And Role Of Fast Food In Black America

History professor Marcia Chatelain's new book tracks what she calls the hidden history of the relationships between the struggle for civil rights and the expansion of the fast food industry.