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This City Told Amazon And Google: No Incentives For You


Amazon canceled plans for a New York City HQ after meeting stiff opposition over big tax breaks and other incentives. A California mayor refused to offer similar incentives but landed Google anyway.

As More Electric Cars Arrive, What's The Future For Gas-Powered Engines?


The vast majority of American cars run on gasoline. But analysts say that's poised to change as electric vehicles take over the market — albeit not as quickly as environmental activists might like.

Is Venmo Changing Your Money Habits? Tell Us About It


Has Venmo changed the way you talk to your friends? And do you have questions about how to use it?

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'Hartford Courant' Journalists Petition To Unionize

Members of the Hartford, Conn., newsroom said they are petitioning for a union election while also asking Tribune Publishing, the paper's parent, to voluntarily recognize the union.

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Tribune Publishing Recognizes 'Hartford Courant' Newsroom Union

The parent company of the Hartford, Conn., newspaper has agreed to recognize a new union representing nearly 60 journalists. The move comes just four days after they petitioned to unionize.

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What Does "National Emergency" Actually Mean?

President Trump asked Congress for funds to build an extension of the wall on the border with Mexico. Congress refused, so Trump declared a national emergency. But what does that mean?

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Anger, Confusion Over Dwindling Refunds. Is Trump's Tax Plan To Blame?

Tax refunds so far have been smaller than last year's. Some taxpayers kept a bigger share of their income for 12 months, but for others, it reflects an overhaul that rewarded high earners the most.

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When Your Shared Netflix Account Outlasts The Relationship

Sharing of online streaming video and music passwords among sweethearts is a territorial marker, like wearing a boyfriend's sweater. But what happens to custody of the accounts when the love is gone?

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Americans Tightened Their Belts, And It Might Hurt Economic Numbers Important To Trump

What started off as a strong holiday shopping season ended with a whimper, as December retail sales posted the sharpest drop in nine years. That could mean GDP growth will miss the president's target.

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Florists Fear A 'No Deal' Brexit Would Wilt The Flower Business

U.K. flower shop owners who rely on shipments from the Netherlands are concerned about how leaving the European Union without a withdrawal agreement will affect them.

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Airbus To Stop Production Of A380 Superjumbo Jet

The European company says it has no reason to continue production after its biggest customer cut back its orders. Despite much fanfare, the double-decker plane has struggled to find a market.

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Soul-Searching After Parkland, Dick's CEO Embraces Tougher Stance On Guns

Ed Stack is a gun owner who was a longtime Republican donor. A year after Dick's Sporting Goods became an unlikely corporate face of gun control, it sees the fallout from its policy and lobbying.

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Your Questions, Answered ❤️

Today we answer listener questions about age discrimination; how work hours are counted; and whether the economy is running out of people to take jobs.