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Crowdfunders Left Hanging By 3D Headphone Startup's Abrupt Closure


"To fail at the five-yard line is a tragedy," the company said in a statement. More than 10,000 people had shelled out $200 or more for Ossic X headphones on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Foreign Investors Shrug Off Miami's Rising Sea Levels


Sea-level rise is so acute in South Florida that local governments are eyeing hundreds of millions in spending to mitigate floodwaters. But wealthy foreign investors don't seem fazed.

3D Scans Help Preserve History, But Who Should Own Them?


Historic sites around the world face mounting threats: war, climate change, natural disaster. There's a rush to use 3D scans for preservation. But experts have questions about how the scans are used.

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Stacey And Cardiff Take On The Commencement Speech

Congrats, Class of 2018! Rather than listen to another meandering cliche-riddled commencement speech, let Stacey and Cardiff guide you through young-adult life with advice backed up by research.

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Meet The Companies Testing Self-Driving Vehicles In The Pacific Northwest

A mixture of big tech companies and startups are expanding test programs to the Pacific Northwest. The list includes Waymo, NVIDIA, Intel and Torc Robotics.

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Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers' Rights

The high court ruled for the first time that workers may not band together to challenge violations of federal labor laws.

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Eat. Pray. Truck. How A Northwest Tribe Brings Salmon Home

Strangely, perhaps, Chinook salmon's epic journey from mid-Pacific Ocean to a Puyallup fishing net begins with a sloshing tanker truck.

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US Attorney For Oregon Prioritizes Cannabis Trafficking, Public Safety

Oregon's chief federal prosecutor says his top priorities in enforcing cannabis laws will be threats to public safety and interstate trafficking fueled by overproduction of marijuana.

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USDA Unveils Prototypes For GMO Food Labels, And They're ... Confusing

The labels use the letters BE, for bioengineered, not GMO, which critics say could baffle consumers. One design features a smiling sun that a skeptic calls "essentially propaganda for the industry."

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The Northwest Juniper Lumber Industry Is Poised For A Healthy Bump

Western juniper has been relegated to firewood, furniture, raised garden beds and the occasional rural fence post. That’s about to change.

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Time Bandits

Timekeeping software is becoming the standard across the U.S. And it turns out, it can be used to steal workers' wages, a few minutes at a time.


Episode 842: Showdown at the WTO

The World Trade Organization: Can't live with it, hard to crush your trade opponents without it.

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Nike Sees Executive Departures In Harassment Reckoning

After shake-ups at Nike, some former employees are hopeful — if wary — that the company that made Portland "Sneakertown" can change.