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The Coronavirus Pandemic May Be Loosening Links In The Supply Chain

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Some shippers can't meet unprecedented demand for basic goods. Others are starved for goods from Asia and are facing a drop-off in U.S. factory production.

Trump Will Speak With Putin Today About Oil


Russia and Saudi Arabia have been engaged in a price war that has driven world oil prices down dramatically.

Facebook Pledges $100 Million To Aid News Outlets Hit Hard By Pandemic


Facebook says it will give $25 million to aid U.S. and Canadian local newspapers and sites. It promises to spend $75 million in ads to pour money into newsrooms ailing financially from Coronavirus.

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Amazon, Instacart Grocery Delivery Workers Strike For Coronavirus Protection And Pay

Amazon workers in New York and Instacart workers nationwide plan to walk off their jobs Monday. They want more access to paid sick leave as well as protective gear and other safety measures.

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Florists Rescue Their Spring Blooms For Public Installations During Pandemic

That followed Gov. Kate Brown's recent stay-at-home order due to the spread of COVID-19 that forced many of Oregon's local flower shops to temporarily close. 

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Cybersecurity Lawyer Who Flagged The WHO Hack Warns Of 'Massive' Remote Work Risks

A large number of the workforce is staying home during the coronavirus. Alexander Urbelis, hacker-turned-information-security attorney, says the remote working environment is a hacker's paradise.

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Bandcamp Will Forfeit Its Share Of Sales Friday, Urges Direct Support Of Musicians

A favorite of indie artists and labels, the digital storefront and streaming service announced a one-day plan to boost profits for musicians facing financial losses during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Guess What's Flying Off Shelves Now: Hair Dye

Our roots are showing. And we've decided it's the perfect time to finally start baking our own bread. See a list of products that are selling the most.

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Coronavirus Disrupts Supply Chains, But Toilet Paper Should Be Back Soon

The coronavirus pandemic is revealing weak links in the global supply chain that fuels American industry, fills grocery store shelves and supplies the online mail-order businesses that deliver.

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Trump, Invoking Cold War Authority, Enjoins GM To Build Ventilators

The president said the automaker was taking too long to negotiate what he called an urgent contract under which it and health manufacturer Ventec would build the machines.

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Orange Juice Is A Hot Commodity During The Coronavirus

The Dow has been falling — a lot. But one corner of the markets has been a bright spot: orange juice futures. People looking to boost their vitamin C intake are lifting OJ sales.

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Oregon Metro To Continue With Ballot Measure Even After Its Own Layoffs

The Metro regional government will lay off approximately 40% of its staff, but the agency will move forward with a ballot measure to raise $250 million for homeless services.

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Amazon Official Says Company Is Taking 'Every Precaution' After Workers Test Positive

Jay Carney, Amazon's senior VP of global corporate affairs, describes the company's growing role during the coronavirus outbreak and whether it can keep its workers safe.