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Yakima Valley Farmers Fight For The Future Of A Cascades Lake

Climate change is forcing us to rethink how we use lakes as water reservoirs. That's creating conflict between east-of-the-Cascades farmers and recreation-seekers from the urban westside.

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Hurricane Watch Issued For Carolinas Ahead Of Category 4 Florence

If it makes landfall as predicted, Florence could become the northern-most Category 4 hurricane to hit the U.S. since records were first kept in 1851.

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Climate Change Drives Bigger, Wetter Storms — Storms Like Florence

Hurricane Florence — large, slow and full of moisture — is threatening to inundate the Southeast. It's a type of storm that's getting more likely to form.

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California Sets Goal Of 100 Percent Clean Electric Power By 2045

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill mandating that ambitious goal on Monday. He also issued an executive order calling for statewide carbon neutrality by the same year.

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Oregon Makes Case For Prescribed Fire Smoke

New smoke management rules aim to increase amount of prescribed burns in fire-prone forests.

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Insects Could Eat Twice As Much Wheat By The End Of The Century

As the planet warms, we're going to face bigger numbers of hungrier bugs. That could lead to lost crops in Oregon, and around the globe.

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California Protects Rare Marten, Oregon Still Considering Options

Legal protections for the Humboldt marten are in flux across state lines. But things are more certain in California, where the Fish and Game Commission voted to list the small mammal as endangered.

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Largest California Wildfire Won't Be Contained Until September, Officials Say

The Mendocino Complex Fire, the biggest in the state's history, now covers 457 square miles. Officials previously estimated Aug. 15 for its containment, but now say it won't be until Sept. 1.

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2020 Talk Includes Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, A Key Trump Foe

Even though he won't talk about his 2020 ambitions — other than not ruling out a potential run for a third term as governor — many others are, fueled by TV appearances and speeches in Iowa and Florida.

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Why Some Northwest Butterflies Are Thriving And Some Aren't

In the Pacific Northwest, there is no long-term study that shows how butterflies as a whole are responding to habitat loss and climate change.