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Washington Gov. Inslee's Climate Change Advisers Raise Eyebrows

The attention to Inslee's office also comes as his national profile rises.

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Report: Jordan Cove LNG Project Would Be Largest Emitter Of Greenhouse Gasses In Oregon

The report by says the whole project — from gas extraction in North America to the burning of the exported natural gas in Asia — would produce 15.4 times the emissions of Oregon’s last coal-burning plant

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Q&A: How Oregon's Cap And Trade System Would Work

Oregon lawmakers are considering a cap and trade program to reduce the state's contributions to climate change. How would that work?

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Climate Activists Urge Washington Lawmakers To Take Action In 2018

Climate activists want Washington state to be powered exclusively by renewable energy within 10 years.

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Washington Gov. Inslee Proposes New Version Of Carbon Tax

Under Inslee’s plan, industrial carbon emissions would be taxed at $20 per ton starting in 2019. After that, the tax rate would increase by 3.5 percent, plus inflation annually.

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Vancouver Port Votes To End Oil Terminal Lease In March

The Port of Vancouver’s Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to put a March 31 end date on a lease with Vancouver Energy.

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California Cannabis Shops Roll Out Hoopla As Sales Set To Start

Marijuana legalization arrives Monday in California with lots of hoopla, but only a handful of cities will initially have retail outlets ready to sell recreational pot.

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Severe Wildfires Bring A Welcome Landscape For Native Bees

Oregon State University scientists are finding that severe wildfire may be just the thing that allows native bees to thrive.

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Judge Strikes Down Parts Of Gov. Inslee's Clean Air Rule

Gov. Jay Inslee’s attempt to lower Washington’s greenhouse gas emissions has suffered a setback:  A judge's ruling that the state can't implement parts of his signature Clean Air Rule.

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How Would Your Life Change If You Gave Up Flying? | Terrestrial

There was a moment when Janisse Ray realized she couldn’t call herself an environmentalist and an activist and keep traveling by airplane.