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Oregon Supreme Court Hears Arguments For The Youth Climate Crisis Case

The Oregon Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday in a case brought by two teenagers who want the state to protect its natural resources from harm caused by climate change.

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More Than 11,000 Scientists Say Climate Change Threatens 'Fate Of Humanity'

It’s rare for scientists to call something a clear and unequivocal fact. But that’s exactly what a group of 11,258 scientists from around the globe are saying in a new paper.

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As California Wildfire Neared, A Family Raced To Save Their Animals

As the fire engulfed their small farm in the Santa Clarita Valley, Samantha Hull and her family managed to escape. But they lost their home and many of their beloved animals.

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Northern California Blaze Grows As Firefighters Prepare For New Winds

The Kincade Fire continues to menace Sonoma County, but firefighters are gaining optimism. In Los Angeles, the dramatic Getty Fire erupted near the busiest highway in the U.S.

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Meteorologists Say Oregon Could See A Seriously Stormy Winter. Or Not.

Meteorologists say Oregon will see a neutral weather pattern this year. Rather than higher- or lower-than-average temperatures, neutral years are harder to predict.

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Climate Change Has Some Willamette Valley Farmers Adapting An Ancient Way To Grow Food

As the climate gets warmer, farmers in the Willamette Valley are testing an agricultural technique called dry farming. Instead of irrigating crops, they rely on the moisture stored in the soil.

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Study: Climate Change Threatens 389 North American Bird Species

A new study from the National Audubon Society says 389 out of 604 North American bird species are at risk of extinction due to climate change.

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Portland Parks Bureau Determined To Bring More Green To City's East Side

This fall, the Portland Parks Bureau will try to make the city a little more verdant by handing out free yard trees and hosting a tree-planting event in honor of Arbor Day.

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Annual Gathering Of Climate Change Experts Returns To Portland

The 10th annual Northwest Climate Conference returns this week to Portland, where climate experts from around the American West will discuss their latest research.

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Oregon Joins Lawsuit Over Trump Administration Emissions Rollback

Oregon is joining nearly two dozen states suing the Trump administration over auto emissions regulations.