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Green New Deal Vote Sets Up Climate Change As Key 2020 Issue

The GOP-controlled Senate will vote on a Democratic resolution led by New York freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that calls for the U.S. to reach zero net carbon emissions within 10 years.

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Big Crowd Turns Out In Portland For Youth Climate Action Rally

Portland students joined the worldwide demonstration Friday to call on leaders to do something about climate change.

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Environmentalists At Portland City Hall Protest Zenith Oil Terminal Expansion

Opponents of a Portland crude oil terminal gathered in front of City Hall Wednesday morning to protest its plans to bring more oil trains through the city.

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Oregon’s Small-Scale Nuclear Company Looks To Build 1st Plant In Idaho

Oregon-based NuScale Power is on track to build its first plant using small, modular nuclear reactors at the Idaho National Laboratory site.

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Incentives For Electric Car Buyers? Yes In Oregon, Maybe In Washington

Democrats in the Washington Legislature want to revive a tax break for buyers of electric cars. Meanwhile, a publicly-financed rebate for battery-powered cars in Oregon is finding thousands of takers.

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Fisheries Managers Face Mixed Forecast For Northwest Salmon, Concerns Over Endangered Orca

Northwest chinook salmon fisheries may eventually be adjusted to ensure there’s enough fish in the ocean for endangered orcas.

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Multnomah County Files Brief In Support Of Youth Climate Lawsuit

Multnomah County is joining a growing movement of legal support for young people suing the government over climate change.

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What Oregon's Cap-And-Trade Legislation Can’t Buy

Electric vehicles and clean transit are largely off-limits under Oregon’s proposal to slash emissions through cap-and-trade legislation.

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Protections For Devil's Staircase, Other NW Areas Sent To Trump For Signature

Congress gave final approval to a wide-reaching natural resource bill that extends more public lands protections in the Pacific Northwest.

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Winter Storms Boost Oregon Snowpack

Oregon's snowpack is getting a much-needed boost statewide, thanks to a recent wave of winter storms that since the beginning of February have dumped several feet of new snow in the Cascade Range.