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Northwest Tribes Call For Removal Of Lower Columbia River Dams

The Yakama Nation  called Monday for the removal of three lower Columbia River dams, in an effort to save salmon and preserve First Nations’ culture.

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Oregon Pushes Action Plan As International Attention Shifts To Climate Impacts On Oceans

As climate scientists warn of significant climate change-related changes to the world's ocean, Oregon pushes action on ocean acidification and hypoxia.

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A Push To Protect Oregon Spring Chinook Salmon Gets A Boost From Genetic Science

Salmon advocates say the genetic diversity is in danger of disappearing as spring chinook numbers continue to fall.

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Language Barriers, Distrust Discourage Latinos In Shasta County From Seeking Help During Wildfires

Abandoning your home while fleeing a wildfire can be a traumatic experience. It’s even scarier if you don’t understand the language of the evacuation alerts chiming into your phone.

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Oregon Joins Lawsuit Over Trump Administration Emissions Rollback

Oregon is joining nearly two dozen states suing the Trump administration over auto emissions regulations. 

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Tensions Rise In Portland Neighborhood As Residents Consider Annexation To Lake Oswego

Some see annexation as a surefire way to price out Southwood Park's poorest residents, while others believe it to be the only antidote the neighborhood’s aging water system.

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Portland Nonprofit Bomberos Latinos Trains Latin American Firefighters

For 20 years, a Portland-based nonprofit has been donating equipment and providing Spanish-language fire and rescue training to bomberos (firefighters) in Mexcio and throughout Latin America.

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Portland Oil Terminal Looks To Pipe Biofuels

Zenith Energy says it wants to add renewable fuels and "a liquid intermediate" to the list of products it handles at its crude oil terminal in Portland.

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New Buildings, Other Changes Greet Returning PPS Students

School is back in session for students in Oregon’s largest district.

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Investigators Believe Fire In NE Portland Is Human-Caused

A spokesperson for Portland's fire bureau said officials are hoping for people to come forward with information that could confirm their understanding of what transpired, and don’t want to taint the tip pool.