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Communities | Technology | Business | Arts | Entertainment | local | 2017: The Year In Review

'Oregon Art Beat' 2017: Animation Revolution, A Stellar Experience Of Art And More

A look back at "Oregon Art Beat's" year of animation, natural wonders of light and lack there of, timeless voices and more.

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10 Most Viewed OPB Stories Of 2017

The Pacific Northwest and the nation saw drastic shifts in every aspect of life in 2017. Here, we've highlighted the top 10 most viewed OPB stories of 2017 and had reporters offer insight on each assignment.

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5 Most Important Environmental Issues Of 2017

From Paris to the White House to the wildlands of the Pacific Northwest, the environment was big news in 2017. 

Communities | Environment | Agriculture | News

Washington Updates Rules Protecting Farmworkers From Pesticides

The Environmental Protection Agency released rules a couple years back that increased protections for farmworkers. It’s up to states to adopt standards that are at least as protective.

Communities | Environment | Agriculture | News

Protecting Farmworkers From Pesticides By Sheltering Them Indoors Draws Skepticism

Proposed rules designed to protect Oregon farmworkers from pesticide exposure has both farmers and worker advocates on edge.

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Central Oregon Zoning Pits Mule Deer Against Churches

A rural central Oregon county is wading into a long-running zoning debate that pits mule deer against churches.

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Oregonians Wait To Hear Fate Of Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

President Trump says he is significantly shrinking two national monuments in Utah. Two other monuments are on the chopping block as well – including Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.

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Oregon Revenue Forecast Shows State Collecting Millions More In Revenue Than Expected

Oregon will collect millions more in revenue beginning in mid-2019 than expected.

Economy | Business | Nation | Communities | News

Josephine County Board Of Commissioners Declare Housing Emergency

The Josephine County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday declared a housing emergency, hoping to free up state assistance and suspend some state rules to address housing problems.

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Uber Reveals Cover-Up Of Hack Affecting 57M Riders, Drivers

Uber is coming clean about its cover-up of a year-old hacking attack that stole personal information about more than 57 million of the beleaguered ride-hailing service's customers and drivers.