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Portland General Electric Set To Build 1st-Of-Its-Kind Renewable Energy Site

Eastern Oregon may soon be home to a next-generation renewable energy project that would be the country's first large-scale facility that combines wind turbines, solar panels and battery storage.

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Oregon's State Parks Break Camping Attendance Record, Higher Fees At Popular Parks Coming

The number of people camping in Oregon’s state parks reached new heights in 2018.

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Heavy Rain Forces Californians To Flee, Triggers Mudslide

Waves of heavy rain pounded California on Thursday, filling normally dry creeks and rivers with muddy torrents, flooding roadways and forcing residents to flee their homes in communities scorched by wildfires.

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The Future Climate For Western Oregon? California's Central Valley

What town currently feels like what your city will feel like after 60 years of climate change? A new mapping tool answers that question.

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Supporters, Critics Pack 1st Oregon Hearing On Single Family Zoning

House Speaker Tina Kotek, D-Portland, and other supporters of the measure said it would play an important role in easing Oregon’s shortage of housing.

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Recent Winter Storms Don't Fix Western Oregon's Water Woes

Ski areas love the snow, but the water outlook is still not great for western Oregon.

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Native American Culture And Tradition Thrive Through Canoe Journey

Join the Portland All Nations Canoe Family for their paddle along much of the Lower Columbia River as part of Canoe Journey, an annual Native American canoe gathering.

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Washington And Oregon Lawmakers Consider Ending Vaccine Exemptions

Hundreds of people turned up at the Washington State Legislature Friday for a public hearing on measles.

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So Far, Northwest Forest Plan Falling Short Of Biodiversity Goals

Surprising findings raise questions about how Pacific Northwest forests should be managed.

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Clark County Reports No Additional Measles Cases In Outbreak

The Vancouver-area measles outbreak stands at 49 confirmed cases and 11 suspect cases for Tuesday, Feb. 5.