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Salmon Fisheries Set As Managers Start Process To Protect Endangered Orcas

With fishery limits now set, attention turns to rebuilding "overfished" salmon runs and protecting Southern Resident orcas.

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Portland Schools To Start New Nonprofit, Take Over Local School Foundations

Portland Public Schools is creating a new nonprofit to pull in philanthropy money. Part of that includes the transfer of local school foundations from nonprofit control to PPS.

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Multnomah County Chair Kafoury Announces New Mental Health Center, Family Shelter Spaces

Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury gave her fifth-annual State of the County Address Friday.

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Study: East Portland Is Most Vulnerable To Flooding And Extreme Heat

A study from Portland State University shows that poorer, low-lying areas in east Portland are most vulnerable to extreme weather in contrast to more affluent areas. 

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Oregon Effort To Add Density In Many Neighborhoods Gains Momentum

An Oregon House committee unanimously approves a bill to force larger cities to accept multi-family housing in neighborhoods now zoned for single-family homes.

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Breaking The Silence: Research Shows We Should Talk About Suicide

Media organizations have avoided talking about the public health crisis of suicide. Now new research says that's the wrong approach. 

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Oregon Aerial Pesticide Bills Get Hearings In Salem

One bill would ban aerial pesticide spraying on state lands. The other would improve notification of when sprays would happen. 

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Metro Chair Lynn Peterson Says I-5 Rose Quarter Project Needs To Help Revitalize Nearby Area

Metro Chair Lynn Peterson joins with the Albina Vision Trust in pushing for major changes to Interstate 5 improvement project in Rose Quarter area of Portland.

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Portland Considers Helping Tenants With Criminal Histories

This week the Portland City Council debates changing how landlords can screen their tenants. One major component: Make it harder for landlords to reject applications based on past criminal convictions.

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The Uncertain Fate Of The Canby Ferry

The Canby Ferry is a piece of Oregon history, but it's also costing Clackamas County about $400,000 a year. The county is trying to figure out if it can make up the difference.