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Portland City Council Candidates Talk Race At Forum

The candidates fielded questions from the audience, and it wasn't a debate-style conversation.

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Crews Maneuver, Make Progress On Several Southwest Oregon Fires

Several wildfires burning near Grants Pass continue to cover the region in smoke.

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2 Large Wildfires In Southwest Oregon Threaten To Meet

While fires burn, communities downwind suffer from consistent unhealthy levels of smoke.

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Forest Service Chief Talks Need For New Fire Management, Fuel Treatments

As part of its ongoing wildfire series, EarthFix spoke with interim Forest Service Chief Vicki Christiansen about what her agency is doing to reform fire management and reverse the fire problem. 

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Efforts To Reduce Wildfire Risk Fall Short, Buck Science

The West is way behind on reducing the buildup of hazardous fuels we created. And much of the work we do to reduce those fuels is missing the key ingredient: fire.

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Teen Killed, Sister Wounded In Train Station Stabbing Attack

A man fatally stabbed an 18-year-old woman in the neck and wounded her sister as they exited a train at a Northern California subway station in what officials said Monday appeared to be a random attack.

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'OPB Politics Now': Ted Wheeler's Big Problem

No issue has plagued Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler like homelessness.

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Tin House Gathering Erupts Over Wells Tower Reading

A reading at last week's summer workshop underscores the fundamental challenges of making institutions more inclusive.

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Wooden High-Rise Project In Downtown Portland On Hold

Plans for a wooden high-rise in downtown Portland are no more.  

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Self-Driving Bikes: The Next Transit Revolution?

What does your future commute look like? Will you be taking a self-driving car, a solo-wheel, the hyperloop? What about a self-driving bike?