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Scent Research Could Help More Salmon Find Their Way Home

Southern Oregon’s Elk River has a problem. Salmon produced in a fish hatchery there aren’t returning to spawn. One scientist believes she has a solution … leading the salmon by the nose.

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Tribes Drop Endangered Species Lawsuit In Klamath Basin

Klamath water interests are gearing up for a long-called-for reworking of roadmap for saving an endangered fish in a part of the arid Northwest where farmers need water for crop irrigation.

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Cougar Hunting Debates Find New Life After Oregon Hiker's Death

The most effective way to hunt cougars is with dogs. Hound hunting has been banned in Oregon for over twenty years, but a fatal cougar attack has reignited the debate.

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Portland Racial Nonprofit Seeks To Heal Communities With Reparations Power Hour

A Portland racial justice nonprofit gathers people of color together to organize.

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Oregon Gets Unusual Opportunity To Impact Federal Air Quality Rules

The Trump administration is proposing to lower vehicle fuel economy standards and a loosening of power plant emissions targets.

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Gov. Kate Brown Wants Environmental Rules Upheld In Oregon When Feds Roll Them Back

If passed, the Oregon Environmental Protection Act would solidify a statewide policy opposing environmental deregulation.

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Vancouver Unveils New Waterfront At Grand Opening

Thousands of people gathered Saturday on the shore of the Columbia River to celebrate the grand opening of the much-anticipated Vancouver Waterfront park.  

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Kavanaugh Hearing Spurs Impromptu 'Believe Survivors' Rally In Portland

Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing transfixed the nation — and women so angered they organized an impromptu rally the next day.

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Strike Ending For Last Washington Teachers Still Picketing

South of Seattle in the city of Tumwater, teachers ratified a new work contract agreement on Monday after a 16-day strike. Tumwater teachers were the last of the Washington state educators on the picket lines and school is expected to start for the district's 6,800 children on Tuesday.

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Groups Seek Ban On M-44 'Cyanide Bombs' In Oregon

Animal advocates say M-44 "cyanide bombs" kill indiscriminately and are a threat to wildlife, pets and people.