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Next Round Of Jordan Cove LNG Public Hearings Planned For Southwest Oregon

Federal energy regulators are asking for input on draft environmental impact findings for the proposed Jordan Cove LNG fossil fuel project.

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Change To Oregon Smoke Rules Seeing Early Results For Prescribed Burns

We’re not getting nearly enough prescribed fire on the ground to restore forests and manage the risk of severe wildfire. Oregon's new smoke rules are intended to change that trend.

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Cap-And-Trade Bill Gets Last Minute Tweaks In Surprise Hearing

The amendments were drafted in order to ensure the highly contentious bill can pass the state Senate.

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Report: Traffic Deaths Remain Higher In East Portland

Portland saw the lowest number of traffic fatalities in 2018 than in the past four years. Still, 34 people died. 

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Public Asked To Weigh In On OSU's Plan To Use Elliott State Forest For Research

Oregon State University is developing a report outlining how it could take ownership of the timberland near Coos Bay and turn it into a research forest.

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Not Enough Is Known About Smoke's Effect On Wildland Firefighters' Health

Wildland firefighters endure smoky conditions rarely experienced in communities. It’s an occupational hazard that scientists and fire agencies are just beginning to understand.

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837 Acres At Clatskanie Port Remain Farmland, For Now

Columbia County’s plan to turn 837 acres of Oregon farmland into an industrial site along the Columbia River is headed back to the county for revisions — again.

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Trump Administration To Close 2 Northwest Forest Service Job Training Centers

The Trump administration announced Friday it will close two U.S. Forest Service job training centers in Oregon and Washington. The centers provide vocational training to low-income youth.

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AAA Says Memorial Day Weekend Travel Expected To Be Busiest Nationwide Since 2005

The heaviest Memorial Day weekend traffic is expected to be on Thursday and Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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Oregon Does U-Turn On Opioid Tapering

Two years after trying to taper opioid users off the drug, Oregon has ended the policy.