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Oregon Task Force To Tackle The Use Of Controversial Pesticide

After federal and state lawmakers failed to ban the controversial pesticide chlorpyrifos, Oregon’s Department of Agriculture has its own advisory committee to consider the options.

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Help Us Understand Logging And Timber Practices Across Oregon

Logging shapes the state’s economy and environment. ProPublica, OPB and The Oregonian are teaming up to report on the issues.

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OPB's Best Photos Of 2019

These are OPB's best images of 2019, as chosen by the photojournalists who captured them.

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Oregon Coastal Towns Confront A Fate Tied To Antarctica's Melting Glaciers

Scientists agree that sea levels are rising. The question is: How much and how fast? That’s an important question for communities along the Oregon Coast.

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Oregon Transportation Commission Delays Big Decision On I-5 Rose Quarter Widening

The Oregon Transportation Commission has agreed to temporarily delay a final environmental decision on a controversial plan to widen Interstate 5 through Portland’s Rose Quarter after Gov. Kate Brown and other elected leaders demanded more study of potential impacts.

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Oregon Department Of Environmental Quality Develops New Low Cost Air Quality Monitor

Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality developed a new low cost sensor saving them thousands of dollars and allowing them to nearly double the amount of air quality monitors next year.

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Trump Administration Accused Of Ignoring Public Input Through Its Revamp Of Lands Councils

The changes to the rural advisory councils in Oregon and other western states are part of a shift in public lands philosophy and policy by the Trump administration.

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Expansion Of Cascade-Siskiyou Protections Was Invalid, Judge Rules

A federal judge says public forests designated as "O&C Lands" must be maintained for timber production.

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Oregon DEQ Proposes A New Plan To Reduce Mercury Pollution

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality proposes a new pollution standards for reducing mercury contamination in the Willamette Basin.

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Southern Oregon Rancher Builds Fences And Bridges To Keep The Wolves At Bay

A rancher is trying something new to keep the wolves away — something never before attempted in Oregon. And he’s doing it with the help of some unlikely partners.