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Trump Administration Accused Of Ignoring Public Input Through Its Revamp Of Lands Councils

The changes to the rural advisory councils in Oregon and other western states are part of a shift in public lands philosophy and policy by the Trump administration.

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Expansion Of Cascade-Siskiyou Protections Was Invalid, Judge Rules

A federal judge says public forests designated as "O&C Lands" must be maintained for timber production.

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Oregon DEQ Proposes A New Plan To Reduce Mercury Pollution

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality proposes a new pollution standards for reducing mercury contamination in the Willamette Basin.

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Southern Oregon Rancher Builds Fences And Bridges To Keep The Wolves At Bay

A rancher is trying something new to keep the wolves away — something never before attempted in Oregon. And he’s doing it with the help of some unlikely partners.

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Regulators Maintain Jordan Cove Environmental Impacts Are 'Less Than Significant'

Federal regulators release final environmental impact document for the Jordan Cove LNG project.

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Wapato Jail May Be Spared Demolition As Owner Searches For Funder

Jordan Schnitzer is launching another push to convert North Portland’s never-used Wapato Jail into a homeless shelter, a reversal from his Oct. 10 announcement that the demolition of the facility was all but guaranteed.

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A Tale Of 2 Billboards In Southeast Bend

Days after launching a billboard ad campaign, the city of Bend agreed to take it down.

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Metro Project Uncovers History At Cemeteries Ahead Of Suffrage Anniversary

Metro, the regional government for the Portland area, wants to reclaim the history of marginalized people buried inside its historic cemeteries.

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First Flood, Then Fright: Community Rallies To Save Eastern Washington Town With Haunting

A 1996 flood devastated the city of Palouse, Washington. To rebuild, the community held a haunted house fundraiser. Now, it's a spooky, seasonal part of the town's identity.

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5 Questions About The $1.4 Billion County Timber Lawsuit Against Oregon

Oregon counties say they're missing out on millions each year because the state doesn't log public forests like timber companies do on private land.