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Making Homes Resistant To Wildfire May Be Cheaper Than We Thought

Homes mixed in with forests are a big complication for managing wildfires. But experts say keeping those homes from burning could be cheaper and simpler than previously thought.

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National School Walkout Day Draws Students To Portland City Hall Rally

More than a thousand students from North Portland to Lake Oswego descended on Portland City Hall Friday as part of the National School Walkout against gun violence.

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Klamath Farmers Ask Federal Judge To Kickstart Irrigation Season

Federal dam operators are asking to open the irrigation season next week in lieu of holding back water to benefit fish.

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Washington Says No To Poisoning Native Shrimp To Protect Oyster Beds

Washington regulators turn down shellfish growers' request to use pesticide on native shrimp.

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California Takes Up Ocean Wind Energy After Oregon Project Fails

Two years after a ocean wind energy project failed to gain traction in Southern Oregon, developers are trying their luck in California.

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Gray Whale Sightings Up Off Northwest Coast

A big factor is multiple days of calm, clear weather that made it easier to locate migrating gray whales.

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Bartels Packing Closes Its Eugene Slaughterhouse, Lays Off More Than 140 Employees

Bartels Packing has shut its Eugene and Fern Ridge Lake-area slaughterhouse and meat packing operations, costing 142 workers their jobs and shuttering a 120-year-old business run by four generations of Bartels family members.

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Pacific Heat Wave Known As 'The Blob' Appears To Be In Retreat

The Pacific Ocean is finally starting to cool down after several years of unusually warm water parked off Washington, Oregon and California.

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10 Questions With: Maya Vivas And Leila Haile Of The Ori Gallery

Creative art duo Maya Vivas and Leila Haile — artists, organizers and community builders — are dedicated to the reclaiming of what they call "the white cube."

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Man Accused Of Driving Car Into Afghan Military Translator In Lincoln City

Perry Nicolopoulos, 68, of Puyallup, Washington has been charged with attempted murder, driving under the influence, recklessly endangering another person and assault.