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President Trump Fires Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson


Atkinson first raised concerns about a complaint involving President Trump's communications with Ukraine, which led to the impeachment inquiry.

Hospitals Reject Trump's Claim They Are 'Really Thrilled' With Supplies


As hospitals warn of shortages, President Trump claims without offering evidence that he's hearing from administrators who are pleased with the current levels of supplies.

Biden: The Democratic Convention May Need To Be A Virtual Event This Year


The party's nominating convention had already been delayed a month, with a possible format change.

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Trump Warns 'One Of The Toughest Weeks' Is Ahead, Says To Brace For 'A Lot Of Death'

Amid record unemployment, the White House aims to quickly set up loan and direct payment policies to help bolster American families and businesses.


In The 1930s, Works Program Spelled HOPE For Millions Of Jobless Americans

Few episodes in American government have left as permanent an imprint on the national memory. And perhaps none has left so much of a visible legacy on the American landscape.

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Setting The Record Straight In Another Week Of Trump And Coronavirus

There are lots of questions about the novel coronavirus that we try to answer, including whether we should wear masks, if the U.S. is testing enough and if there's a drug that can treat COVID-19.

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Trapped By The Coronavirus Pandemic, Congress Tries New Ways Of Legislating From Home

Congress left for an extended recess as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and may not return for several weeks. Lawmakers say their days have turned into a blur of conference calls and video chats.


'Mike Borrowed My Credibility And Abused It': Fired Bloomberg Campaign Workers Speak

Mike Bloomberg's presidential bid didn't last long, but he promised staffers jobs through November. Now some who were abruptly laid off during a pandemic are detailing how they say they were misled.


Jared Kushner's Role In Coronavirus Response Draws Scrutiny, Criticism

The president's son-in-law and senior adviser has emerged as a key figure in the Trump administration's response to the outbreak.

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CDC Now Recommends Americans Consider Wearing Cloth Face Coverings In Public

The president emphasized wearing a mask in public is voluntary, and that medical-grade masks are not necessary.

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Medicare For All Coronavirus Patients? But Who Exactly Qualifies?

The Trump administration decided against opening special window for Affordable Care Act sign ups. "It's like they're twisting themselves into pretzels to avoid anything" Obamacare, said one.

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Trump Says Hospitals Will Be Reimbursed For Treating The Uninsured

The Trump administration has promised that the first direct payments to taxpayers will arrive in two weeks. The White House has scheduled a briefing on its coronavirus response for 5 p.m. ET.

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N.J. Governor Wants More Ventilators From Stockpile: 'We Need The Feds To Step Up'

Phil Murphy says he asked federal officials for 2,500 ventilators and has so far received 850. Of those he's received, some "were not at the level they needed to be."

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