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Reformed Neo-Nazi Discusses President Trump's Controversial Shared Retweet


NPR's Noel King speaks with Christian Picciolini, a reformed neo-Nazi skinhead, about what extremists may have heard when the president retweeted a video of a supporter yelling "white power."

For Skipping The Census, Homes In These 6 Places Get Door Knocks First


After delaying in-person visits because of COVID-19, Census Bureau workers are heading to unresponsive homes in Idaho, Maine and West Virginia, as well as parts of Louisiana, Missouri and Oklahoma.

For Some Black Americans, Love Of Country Means Holding It Accountable


For many African Americans, patriotism is complicated because the promises of America aren't fulfilled equally. The Fourth of July brings a challenge: reconciling national pride with systemic racism.

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Reflection On A 4th That Seems Far from Glorious

We do need a holiday just now. And not just a moment of leisure but an occasion for unity, healing and hope.

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Senator Puts Rare Hold On Military Promotions Over Ousted Army Officer

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified in impeachment hearings. He's been due for promotion to the rank of full colonel, but that has not happened. Sen. Tammy Duckworth wants assurances that it will.


Need A Polling Place With Social Distancing? 3 NBA Teams Offer Venues

The offers come as many NBA players have upped their involvement in social causes. Superstar LeBron James has a new group aimed at protecting Black citizens' voting rights.

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Oregon Voters To Decide On Drug Decriminalization, Campaign Finance Limits

As of Thursday afternoon, just four measures appeared likely to qualify for the general election, the fewest in more than 50 years. 

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Supreme Court Acts To Postpone More Controversies, From Mueller Report To Abortion

The decisions ensure none of these cases will be decided before the November election.


Wave Of Young Judges Pushed By McConnell Will Be 'Ruling For Decades To Come'

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been advancing the White House's judicial candidates with single-minded focus. Two hundred have been confirmed.


Biden Outpaces Trump As Campaigns Report Record Fundraising

The former vice president and the Democratic National Commmittee raised a combined $282 million in the last quarter, compared to $266 million for Trump and the Republican National Committee.

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Lawsuit Seeks Delay In Pending Federal Execution, Citing COVID-19 Infection Risks

The longtime spiritual adviser to an inmate on federal death row is seeking to delay the July 15 execution because he worries about contracting COVID-19 at the prison.


Biden Faces Pressure To Pick A Black Running Mate. But Warren Remains A Top Contender

Despite calls for Joe Biden to choose a Black woman as his vice presidential pick, many progressives are urging him to choose Sen. Elizabeth Warren instead.

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House Follows Senate In Passing Extension Of COVID-19 Business Loans

The Paycheck Protection Program, part of the $3 trillion pandemic response package passed by Congress in March, has been extended to Aug. 8.

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