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Pentagon Authorizes $1 Billion For Fence Construction At Mexico Border


The money nearly doubles the $1.3 billion Congress authorized for border wall funding — a move made possible after President Trump declared a national emergency.

Trump Administration Flips Switch On Energy Efficient Light Bulbs


The Trump administration wants to reverse a rule designed to make light bulbs more efficient. Environmental groups say the change will cost consumers and waste energy.

In The Shadow Of Suicides, Senate Panel Makes Rare Move To Consider Gun Control


The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a previously scheduled hearing Tuesday on so-called red flag laws, which allow for the temporary removal of guns from individuals if they are deemed a risk.

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Bolstered By Mueller Synopsis, Republicans Go On Offense Over Investigations

President Trump and his allies in Congress are seeking a new wave of investigations that will target their opponents after embracing findings from the Justice Department they said vindicated Trump.

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Green New Deal Vote Sets Up Climate Change As Key 2020 Issue

The GOP-controlled Senate will vote on a Democratic resolution led by New York freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that calls for the U.S. to reach zero net carbon emissions within 10 years.


The Supreme Court Takes Another Look At Partisan Redistricting

A pivotal retirement and a new conservative majority could give the state legislatures a green light for even more partisanship when it comes to drawing political boundaries.


Attorney Michael Avenatti, Sometime Scourge To Trump, Now Faces Federal Charges

Prosecutors in both California and New York City announced charges against the well-known onetime attorney for Stormy Daniels. Avenatti also had a cameo in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation saga.

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Oregon Campaign Finance Reformers Focus On 'Dark Money'

Would-be campaign finance reformers in Oregon say they want to tighten disclosure requirements for nonprofits that run advertising targeting candidates.

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In 'The Chief,' An Enigmatic, Conservative John Roberts Walks A Political Tightrope

Reporter Joan Biskupic portrays the Supreme Court chief justice as a dedicated conservative who now "has the court he's always wanted" — and she says the law "will likely be what he says it is."

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Washington Gov. Inslee's Security Unit Balloons As He Campaigns For President

To keep up with Gov. Jay Inslee as he campaigns around the country for president, the Washington State Patrol is preparing to nearly double the size and more than double the budget of the specialty unit that protects him.

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READ: The Justice Department's Summary Of The Mueller Report

Attorney General William Barr has sent Congress a letter with special counsel Robert Mueller's key findings. There have been calls for him to share the full report, but Barr is not required to do so.

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The Man Who Will Determine The Fate Of The Mueller Report: What You Should Know

This is not the first time William Barr has led the Justice Department. The seasoned D.C. lawyer has expressed expansive views on the powers of the president — and supported past presidential pardons.

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Attorney General Barr Faces Bipartisan Pressure To Make Mueller Report Public

Democrats have long said the results of the special counsel's investigation into the Russian attack on the 2016 presidential election should be fully transparent. Now, some Republicans say they agree.

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