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Puerto Rico Governor Defies Calls To Resign Amid Growing Protests Over Text Chats


Monday marked three days of demonstrations against Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, after the publication of private conversations containing repugnant slurs against women and homosexuals, among other insults.

'Go Back Where You Came From': The Long Rhetorical Roots Of Trump's Racist Tweets


When the president told several young congresswomen of color to "go back" to where they came from, he borrowed nativist language about as old as the country itself. Here's a little history.

China's Economy Falters; Slowest Growth In Nearly 3 Decades


The pace of growth in the second quarter was at its lowest since 1992, when China's records began. The National Bureau of Statistics attributed the change to a complicated international environment.

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Democrats Have The Religious Left. Can They Win The Religious Middle?

Faith voters who have a mix of liberal and conservative values are up for grabs in the 2020 election. Democrats hope to win them over.

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Trump's Nationwide Immigration Raids Fail To Materialize

Rumors of mass raids swirled, leading many immigrants to stay inside their homes. Immigrant advocates in several cities took to the streets to demonstrate.

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Congresswomen Denounce Trump Tweets Telling Them To 'Go Back' To Their Home Countries

Four freshman lawmakers, all minorities, targeted in a series of tweets by the president on Sunday denounced his remarks as racist and responsible for "stoking white nationalism."


Clarence Thomas: From 'Black Panther Type' To Supreme Court's Conservative Beacon

The longest-serving member of the current court is also its furthest to the right, least traditional, and most controversial — and with a new conservative majority, he may be having a moment.


New White House Press Secretary 'Likes A Challenge'

In a previous role Stephanie Grisham was involved in an effort to boot a reporter from covering the Arizona House. Generally liked by reporters, she can be fierce in defending those she works for.

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Congress Delays Robert Mueller Hearings One Week Amid Dispute Over Questions

The former special counsel won't appear before members of Congress on July 17 after all, sources said. It isn't clear when he may appear before the House Judiciary and intelligence communities.

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'Shaken To My Core': Testimony Describes Conditions For Detained Migrants

Lawmakers including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., are testifying about their recent trip to a Border Patrol facility. Homeland Security's acting inspector general is also taking questions.


Court Hears Trump's Appeal To Block House Subpoena, Shield Finances

A three-judge panel is weighing arguments for and against ordering Donald Trump's accountants to release information to Democratic committees in Congress.


Trump's 'Acting' Cabinet Grows With Acosta Departure

The Labor Department will be led by the third current acting cabinet secretary when Alex Acosta steps down on July 19. About a dozen major agencies are without permanent, Senate-confirmed leadership.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Sued Over Blocking Twitter Followers

A former New York state assemblyman and a social media personality filed lawsuits on the same day an appeals court found President Trump violated the First Amendment by blocking critics on Twitter.

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