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A Surprise Vote, Thrown Phone And Partisan 'Mistrust' Roil N.C. As Maps Are Redrawn


Lawmakers in the North Carolina legislature face a Wednesday deadline to submit new voting district lines to a state court. The previous lines were found to be unconstitutionally gerrymandered.

Democrats Get Closer To Serious Field Of Trump Challengers


Something happened this week that was hard to pin down, but palpable. Not the contrast of night and day, but perhaps the difference between dusk and dawn.

Latinx Advocacy Groups Sue To Block Citizenship Data Release By Trump Officials


The lawsuit extends a legal fight over the Trump administration's efforts to produce data that a GOP strategist said could be used to politically benefit "Republicans and Non-Hispanic Whites."

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Trump Has Stolen Democrats' Playbook On Trade

When it comes to trade, Trump and the Democrats sound a lot alike. "It's like Donald Trump has co-opted Democratic trade policy," one analyst says. So how do his opponents differentiate themselves?


Debates, Not Voters, Begin Sending Democratic Presidential Candidates Packing

The field of Democratic presidential hopefuls has begun to shrink in advance of, and because of, this week's debate. The new, more rigorous rules instituted by the party is causing some controversy.

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Democratic Debate Exposes Deep Divides Among Candidates Over Health Care

A large chunk of Thursday's Democratic primary debate featured policy brawls about healthcare policy - including costs, coverage, and worries about whether the party is growing too extreme.


What Is The Filibuster — And Why Do Some Democrats Want To End It?

The majority does not rule in the Senate, and that has some Democrats — including presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren — pushing to change how things work. Others warn that could backfire.


O'Rourke Promises To 'Take Your AR-15,' But Americans Are Split On Buybacks

The former Texas congressman promised a mandatory buyback program for assault-style weapons. Public support for such a program is divided.

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Biden Tries To Clarify His Record On Iraq War During Democratic Debate

In an interview with the NPR Politics Podcast, former Vice President Joe Biden mischaracterized his opposition to the Iraq War. On the debate stage in Houston, he clarified his record.


September Democratic Debate: Live Fact Check, Analysis

Ten presidential candidates share the stage Thursday night. Follow NPR's live coverage of their remarks on health care, immigration, trade and more.


'I Wasn't Naive': Getting Fired In The Trump Administration

The ouster of national security adviser John Bolton again highlights the large number of vacancies at the top levels of the Trump administration.

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EPA Makes Rollback Of Clean Water Rules Official, Repealing 2015 Protections

The change ends an "egregious power grab," Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler says.

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145 CEOs Call On Senate To Pass 'Common-sense, Bipartisan' Gun Laws

In a letter to the Senate, the business leaders say it is "simply unacceptable" to do nothing about gun violence and mass shootings in the U.S.

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