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Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Draws Line On His Role In Trump Impeachment Defense


The Harvard law professor told NPR he will present constitutional arguments during the Senate trial — but will not be involved in other strategic decisions.

Supreme Court To Hear 'Faithless Electors' Case


At issues are state attempts to penalize electoral college delegates who fail to vote for the presidential candidate they were pledged to support.

Supreme Court Takes Up Birth-Control Conscience Case


The high court will consider a case involving a challenge to a Trump administration rule that allows employers to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage for religious or moral reasons.

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'Freed From The Secret': Rep. Ayanna Pressley Opens Up About Living With Alopecia

The freshman lawmaker says she felt that it was particularly important for her to speak out about her condition because her hairstyle, Senegalese twists, had become a part of her political brand.


7 Democrats Qualify For December Primary Debate

Democrats had one of the most diverse fields of candidates ever to run for president, but that won't be fully represented onstage this month.


Democratic Debate Grows To 6 Candidates As Steyer Hits January Threshold

Tom Steyer is likely the final Democrat to qualify ahead of Friday's deadline. He'll join Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on stage in Iowa.


How The Senate Impeachment Trial Will Work

Now that the House has impeached President Trump, the process shifts to the Senate, which will vote on whether to convict him. Here is your guide to the steps and the people that matter.

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Reporters Challenge New Restrictions In Trying To Cover Senate Impeachment Trial

Authorities are cracking down on the places correspondents may go, with whom they may talk and for how long. News outlets don't want to go along.

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After Controversial Leaders Step Down, The Women's March Tries Again In 2020

For the fourth year, the anti-Trump Women's March will stage events in Washington, D.C., and other places. After years of controversy, the group now has new leadership and a new focus.

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Multnomah County Commission Appoints Replacement For Rep. Jennifer Williamson's House Seat

Multnomah County commissioners unanimously voted to appoint Akasha Lawrence-Spence as their replacement for former state Rep. Jennifer Williamson, D-Portland, who resigned in December to run for Oregon secretary of state.

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Former Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith Joins Race For Portland City Council

Smith is one of six to notify the city’s election office of plans to run for the position left open by the late Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish.

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Senate OKs North American Trade Deal To Replace NAFTA, Giving Trump A Much-Needed Win

With the renegotiated pact and Wednesday's signing of an initial trade deal with China, the president can say he fulfilled a key campaign pledge to get tough on trade.

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FBI Vows To Warn More Election Officials If Discovering A Cyberattack

The bureau was faulted after the Russian attack on the 2016 election for keeping too much information from state and local authorities. It says it'll use a new policy going forward.

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