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'PigeonBot' Brings Robots Closer To Birdlike Flight

Birds change the shape of their wings far more than planes. The complexities of bird flight have posed a major design challenge for scientists trying to translate the way birds fly into robots.

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Fetching With Wolves: What It Means That A Wolf Puppy Will Retrieve A Ball

Some wolf puppies will unexpectedly play "fetch," researchers say, showing that an urge to retrieve a ball might be an ancient wolf trait, and not a result of dog domestication.

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Study: Marine Heatwave Likely The Cause Of Massive Die-off Of North Coast Seabirds

Researchers say a marine heatwave, known as the Blob, may have caused 1 million West Coast seabirds to die during the summer of 2015 and spring of 2016.

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The Plight Of The Old-Fashioned Fisherman On A Changing Ocean

For reasons ranging from climate change to protected zones, fisherfolk who go out in a small boat and use a rod are having a difficult time coming up with a good catch nowadays.

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California Cities Turn To Hired Hooves To Help Prevent Massive Wildfires

Cities across California are clearing out brush and invasive grasses on hillsides to help prevent wildfires from spreading. But in some towns, in addition to hired hands, they're also using goats.

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Threatened Hawaiian Bird Strives To Make Comeback

One of Hawaii's most threatened seabirds, the Newell's shearwater, makes its home on the island of Kauai. Conservationists there are fighting to keep the iconic bird from disappearing.

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Prosecutors: No Evidence of Crime Or Animal Cruelty After Rash Of Horse Deaths

Animal rights activists are demanding greater safety measures to protect racehorses. The district attorney says the industry can do more to prevent racing and training deaths.

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Trump Administration Determines No Federal Protections Needed For Oregon’s Red Tree Vole

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife has concluded the North Oregon Coast red tree vole did not warrant protections under the Endangered Species Act.

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A New Way To Calculate Your Dog's Age

The old way to think about your dog's "human age" — the age in actual years times seven — is wrong. Researchers looked at aging on the molecular level.

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Noeel: Electric Eel Lights Up Christmas Tree In Tennessee

Every time the electric eel named Miguel Wattson releases a jolt of electricity, a festively decorated Christmas tree next to his tank at the Tennessee Aquarium flickers and glows.