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How Conservationists Are Using AI And Big Data To Aid Wildlife

A Portland nonprofit is using artificial intelligence to help give the conservation movement a makeover.

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Watch This Native Pollinator Build Her Bee-Jeweled Nest

Research shows that 400 female blue orchard bees are as effective at pollinating almonds as the more than 10,000 bees in a honeybee hive. But they reproduce slowly and are prone to wandering.

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French Theme Park Asks: Crows Can Pick Up Trash, Why Can't You?

A team of six trained birds — rooks, actually — are collecting paper and cigarette stubs at the Puy du Fou park in western France. They drop the trash into a container in exchange for food.

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After 17 Days And 1,000 Miles, A Mother Orca's 'Tour Of Grief' Is Over

After carrying her calf's corpse for an unusually long time, a "remarkably frisky" Tahlequah, or J-35, as the orca's known, was seen Saturday chasing a school of salmon with fellow members of her pod.

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Northwest Huckleberries Could Be Close To Domestication

Wild huckleberries growing across the Northwest have never been domesticated for commercial production, but new research could change that. 

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From A Million Eggs, Putting Together Clues About Science's Past And Future

Egg collecting was once a popular pastime. Now, the pristine specimens in one collection are a key resource for research on a range of topics, from the climate change to changes in bird populations.

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Beloved Baby Eaglet In D.C. Euthanized After Suffering West Nile Disease

Valor was one of two young eaglets in a nest at the National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. The tree is monitored 24/7 by a popular webcam. He fell from the nest late last month, and died on Tuesday.

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Hailstorm Kills 2 Zoo Birds

Much of the damage from this storm occurred in the parking lot. According to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, nearly 400 cars there were "severely damaged."

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Kids These Days: Unruly Goats Graze Hell Across Suburban Boise

An Idaho neighborhood was overrun as about 100 rented animals tasted freedom (and lots of the residents' lawns) during their rampage Friday. Kids today, am I right?

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To Combat Rhino Poaching, Dogs Are Giving South African Park Rangers A Crucial Assist

Anti-poaching rangers have sophisticated resources at their command. But one of the most effective is strikingly low-tech. "Since we use dogs, the guys can't hide from us anymore," says a trainer.