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Maybe The Way To Control Locusts Is By Growing Crops They Don't Like

A lab at Arizona State University if try to find new ways to combat the global scourge locusts still present. One solution may have to do with farming practices.

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Barbara King: Do Animals Grieve?

In 2018, an orca made headlines when she carried her dead calf on her back for weeks. Barbara King says this was a display of animal grief and explains how this changes our relationship with animals.

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Denise Herzing: Do Dolphins Have A Language?

We know that dolphins make distinctive clicks and whistles. But is that a language? Researcher Denise Herzing thinks it might be — and for the past 35 years — she's been working on unlocking it.

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Incarcerated Women Help Recover Rare Northwest Butterfly Species

The lab is inside Oregon's women's prison, Coffee Creek, and is staffed by inmates there.

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Marium, The Dugong Who Charmed Thailand, Dies After Ingesting Plastic

Marium became an internet hit as people marveled over videos of her being cared for by scientists in Thailand. An autopsy revealed plastic pieces in her intestines.

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Hide The Wine! I'm Hosting My First Eid Al-Adha Feast

I haven't been to a mosque in ages. I had no idea how to celebrate the holiday — or whether it was appropriate for me to do so.

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WATCH: Kangaroos Discover Snow

In Southeastern Australia, a troop of marsupials give new meaning to the word "frolic."

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Alabama To Allow Sandhill Crane Hunting After More Than 100 Years

The season begins later this year. The state joins Tennessee and Kentucky as the third state east of the Mississippi River to permit sandhill crane hunting.

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Tribes Release 1st Salmon Into Upper Columbia Since Dam Construction

For the first time since dams were built on the Columbia, salmon are now swimming in the river’s upper reach. For tribes, the release is a big step toward catching fish in traditional waters.

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Food-Snatching Gull In Your Vicinity? Study Suggests Making Eye Contact

Researchers in the U.K. found that making eye contact with the hungry gulls may deter them from swiping your food.