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Origins Of The Top Dog Names Of 2018: Pop Culture, Brunch, And Baby Names

The most popular dog names of 2018 say a lot about our world and what we're watching. Increasingly, dogs are getting human names, but is that really a surprise since they're part of the family?

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Dear Internet: Goats In Sweaters Are Cuter Than Kittens In Mittens

A woman from Iowa began taking pictures of goats in sweaters in Bangladesh and India. The owners thought she was crazy. But her work has made a difference in the lives of the locals, in a good way.

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World's First Insect Vaccine Could Help Bees Fight Off Deadly Disease

American foulbrood is an infectious disease that devastates honeybee hives. Scientists say they've created a vaccine for it, despite a big hurdle: Bees don't have antibodies.

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Wisdom The Albatross, World's Oldest Wild Bird, Lays Another Egg

Wisdom is known to be at least 68 years old and nests each year at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. She survived a tsunami and is believed to have laid nearly 40 eggs over her life.

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Tristram Stuart: Can Feeding Scraps To Livestock Help Tackle The Food Waste Crisis?

Our industrial food system is doing serious damage to our planet and food waste is a rampant problem. Tristram Stuart offers one strategy to combat food waste: cook scraps and feed them to livestock.

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Kate Orff: How Can Oysters Revive New York City's Waterways?

Oysters filter water, their shells form protective reefs and habitats, and regenerate into more oyster shells. Kate Orff uses oysters to revive depleted ecosystems — like those around New York City.

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VIDEO: To Save A Fox, Scientists Took To Land, Air And Sea

When the world's population of Channel Island foxes started to vanish in the '90s, no one knew why. Bringing them back from near-extinction has meant unraveling a mystery that started with WWII.

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Opinion: Knickers, The Giant Steer That Stole The Internet

NPR's Scott Simon reflects on the giant steer that became an Internet sensation and why more people should consider eating less meat.

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An Elusive Predator Will Return To The North Cascades

Washington's North Cascades will soon see the return of a small, weasel-like predator called the fisher. The carnivore has been successfully reintroduced in other parts of the state.

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Trump Administration Says Companies Can 'Incidentally Harass' Marine Mammals

It's a decision opposed by environmental groups, who say the blasts could harm marine animals, and some coastal communities, who fear it could be a precursor to offshore drilling.