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The Goldfish Tariff: Fancy Pet Fish Among The Stranger Casualties Of The Trade War

China is considered the motherland of aquarium goldfish, bred over centuries into rare forms. Now tariffs have some U.S. sellers of these goldfish in a tailspin.

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Stuffed With Sockeye Salmon, 'Holly' Wins 'Fat Bear Week' Heavyweight Title

The annual competition is put on by Alaska's Katmai National Park & Preserve to choose the fattest bear. This year, Holly beat out Lefty in the championship round, winning 80 percent of the votes.

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Can Super-Sized Aquarium Bubblers Save Oxygen-Starved Fish In Oregon?

A group from Oregon Institute of Technology is trying to help Upper Klamath Lake suckers by combining renewable energy and technology more commonly seen in an aquarium.

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It's Fat Bear Week In Alaska's Katmai National Park — Time To Fill Out Your Bracket

Bears preparing for hibernation need to eat as much as they can for the winter. In Alaska, it's turned into an Ursine March Madness with bears going head to head to see who is the fattest.

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The End Of Guinea Worm Was Just Around the Corner. Not Anymore

The World Health Organization had hoped to eradicate the painful parasite by 2020. That deadline just got moved a decade into the future. And dogs are part of the problem.

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A Bull Has An Afternoon Out In Baltimore

A bull had a field day in Baltimore Wednesday, spending three hours on the loose before succumbing to tranquilizers. It's the third bull to escape this year in Baltimore.

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Tractor Trails Of Protesting Dutch Farmers Snarl Traffic for Hundreds Of Miles

Farmers say their livestock and operations are being unfairly blamed for greenhouse gas emissions. They descended on The Hague, causing what's been called the country's worst morning rush hour ever.

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Australian Police Seek Culprit For Hit-And-Run Killings Of Up To 20 Kangaroos

Detectives in New South Wales made an appeal for witnesses Monday, alleging that a driver committed the "acts of animal cruelty" in the span of an hour this weekend.

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Why Botswana Is Lifting Its Ban On Elephant Trophy Hunting

The government is revoking a ban on elephant hunting. Some say that's good news for the tourist business and local farmers who say the animals trampled their crops. Others aren't so sure.

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For Fat Cats, The Struggle Is Real When It Comes To Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

It's estimated more than half the indoor cats in the U.S. are overweight. Now researchers are looking for new ways to help felines slim down.