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The Lake That Feeds The Mekong Basin Is Facing A Shortage Of Fish

As Cambodia kicks off a three-day water festival, fishermen are struggling to make a living in the face of climate change and hydropower dams.

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Federal Officials To Propose 'Threatened' Status For The Pacific Fisher

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife will publish a revised proposal to list the Pacific fisher as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act. 

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Controversial Pesticides Are Suspected Of Starving Fish

New evidence from Japan's Lake Shinji suggests that the widely used family of pesticides called neonicotinoids, already controversial for harming pollinators, could pose risks to fish as well.

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As California Wildfire Neared, A Family Raced To Save Their Animals

As the fire engulfed their small farm in the Santa Clarita Valley, Samantha Hull and her family managed to escape. But they lost their home and many of their beloved animals.

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For These Vampires, A Shared Blood Meal Lets 'Friendship' Take Flight

Common vampire bats might drink the blood of their prey, but it turns out that these fearsome beasts can be warm and fuzzy when it comes to their fellow bats.

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2 More Horses Die At Santa Anita Park As It Prepares To Host Breeders' Cup

Two horses sustained severe injuries at the racetrack and were euthanized. Since late December, there have been 36 fatal incidents at the park.

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Elephants Under Attack Have An Unlikely Ally: Artificial Intelligence

Conservationists are deploying audio recorders, neural networks and predictive analytics in a bid to save elephants from extinction.

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Diversifying Crops Is Good For The Planet. But Can It Be Good For Farmers' Wallets?

Fertilizer runoff is fueling the toxic algae bloom in the Gulf of Mexico. Farmers could help, by growing crops in rotation to reduce the need for fertilizer. But it's unclear who will buy them.

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When Snakes Slither Into Bangkok Homes, This Is The Wrangler Who Gets Rid Of Them

When pythons, cobras and pit vipers show up, Pinyo Pukpinyo, a sergeant in Bangkok's fire department, is the expert who catches them. He's been bitten 20 times but says his work "makes me happy."

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Most U.S. Dairy Cows Are Descended From Just 2 Bulls. That's Not Good

The drive to make more milk has had an unsavory side effect: Cows have become more genetically similar and less fertile. Scientists are trying to recover valuable genetic variation that was lost.