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Severe Wildfires Bring A Welcome Landscape For Native Bees

Oregon State University scientists are finding that severe wildfire may be just the thing that allows native bees to thrive.

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Battle Continues Over Lane County Aerial Herbicide Spraying Ban Initiative

Dozens of local activists assailed Lane County's commissioners, accusing county officials of pulling an initiative to ban aerial herbicide spraying off next May's election ballot. 

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Old-Growth Forests Can Provide Last Refuge For Declining Songbirds As Climate Changes

New research shows that old-growth forests can slow declines of nearby songbird populations.

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5 Most Important Environmental Issues Of 2017

From Paris to the White House to the wildlands of the Pacific Northwest, the environment was big news in 2017. 

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Why Your Future Christmas Tree Might Be Hard To Find

You might be in the market for a Christmas tree right about now, but have you thought about what type of Christmas tree you want in eight years?

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Cascade-Siskiyou Monument Would Be Reduced Under Zinke Proposal

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is calling for one of the Northwest’s national monuments to be reduced in size.

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Harrowing Wildfire Season Ends, But Political Debate Burns On

Congress remains embroiled in a high-stakes environmental debate over how to reduce the growing threat of catastrophic blazes in Western forests and rangelands.

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The Problem With Wildfires: There Aren't Enough Of Them, Study Finds

Despite all the wildfires of the past three decades, Northwest forests are still growing faster than they burn. That's not necessarily a good thing.

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US House Approves Forest Management Changes After Devastating Wildfire Season

The proposed changes to public land management faces tough sledding in the Senate, where Democrats blocked similar legislation last year.

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What A Scientist Lost In The Eagle Creek Fire

When a fire goes out, what does it mean for scientists studying a place that may no longer exist the way they remember it?