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Shutdown Cancels Federal Wildfire Training In Oregon, Washington

From aviation contracts to deals with vendors and even seasonal hiring, the partial federal government shutdown is cutting into planning and preparation for the 2019 wildfire season in the Northwest.

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Wildfire Risks Grow As Government Shutdown Lingers, Senators Warn

The partial government shutdown is elevating the threat of wildfires in the West. That’s the contention of a dozen Democratic U.S. senators.

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West Coast Governors, Trump Argue Over Wildfire Prevention Efforts

President Donald Trump sets off a tweet storm over wildfire policy with the three West Coast governors.

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OPB's Favorite Videos From 2018

On resilience and wonder: Replaying OPB's standout videos of 2018.

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Oregon Moves On Plan To Repurpose The Elliott State Forest For Research

Oregon State University wants to create a world-class research forest near Coos Bay.  Now they need $121 million.

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Oregon Land Board To Discuss Elliott State Forest Ownership Options

Last year, the board voted to keep the 82,500-acre forest in public ownership rather than sell it into private hands.

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The US Farm Bill Looks To Fight Wildfire

The House Agriculture Committee announced a tentative deal Nov. 29 on the massive federal farm bill. Final negotiations over the legislation have focused not on farms but on forests.

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88 Dead, 158 Still Unaccounted For After Camp Fire Contained

Searchers found no new remains on Tuesday. Officials had increased the toll Monday when a forensic lab determined that previous remains thought to be from two individuals were actually from three.

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Study: NW Forests Will Weather Climate Change Better Than Others In The West

A new paper predicts substantial vulnerability to drought and wildfire over the next three decades.

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Study: Replanting Trees After Wildfires May Not Be Necessary

 New research finds forest replanting doesn’t necessarily guarantee better tree survival.