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2 Key Forestry Bills Left In The Wreckage Of Oregon Legislative Session

Two highly consequential forestry bills were left stranded when the Oregon Legislature ended its session early on Thursday.

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Vice President Pence Visits Washington As State's Coronavirus Outbreak Grows

Vice President Mike Pence traveled to the state Thursday to tour the Military Department’s Emergency Operations Center, meet with Gov. Jay Inslee and other elected leaders and announce the arrival of a shipment of supplies for healthcare workers from the Strategic National Stockpile in Atlanta.

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Trump Pledged To Boost Oregon's Timber Industry. Little Has Changed In 4 Years.

In May 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump told a Eugene rally that he would rejuvenate Oregon’s timber industry. Under President Trump, the timber industry is still seeing a steady decline in jobs and active mills.

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Environmentalists And Timber Industry Reach Agreement On Forests, Avoiding Oregon Ballot Fights

The surprise deal, hammered out in just two weeks, could lead to the most significant changes to state forestry policies in decades.

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Land Purchase Protects Wallowa Lake’s East Moraine From Development

A 1,791-acre portion of the land framing Eastern Oregon’s Wallowa Lake has been purchased and protected from development.

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Help Us Understand Logging And Timber Practices Across Oregon

Logging shapes the state’s economy and environment. ProPublica, OPB and The Oregonian are teaming up to report on the issues.

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Oregon Governor Proposes New Wildfire Protection Plan

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is calling for a major expansion in the state’s wildfire response plans in a new legislative concept lawmakers heard on Tuesday.

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Oregon’s 3 Biggest Environmental Stories Of 2019 Promise To Play Out In 2020

Looking back on the environmental news that dominated headlines in 2019, three issues stand out. And they promise to keep playing out in the months – maybe years – to come.

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Study Finds Not Logging Some Northwest Forests Could Offset Climate Change

A new study finds some Northwest forests have a lot of potential to capture carbon and offset climate change if they’re preserved and not logged.

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New Federal Spending Plan Includes Timber Money For Oregon Counties, Wyden Says

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden said he’s helped negotiate another extension of federal aid for timber-dependent counties.