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Illegal Cannabis Operations In Public Forests Are Poisoning Wildlife And Water

Insecticides and other chemicals found at the sites threaten long-term damage to ecosystems. California law enforcement, ecologists and others are cracking down on the illegal operations.

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Federal Officials To Propose 'Threatened' Status For The Pacific Fisher

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife will publish a revised proposal to list the Pacific fisher as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act. 

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Open Enrollment Starts For 2020 Health Insurance

Open enrollment starts Friday for people who don’t qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, or get their health insurance through work.

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New Fisher Agreements Boost Conservation On 2 Million Acres In Oregon

Five timber companies have agreed to change some logging practices to protect fisher habitat.

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Northern California Blaze Grows As Firefighters Prepare For New Winds

The Kincade Fire continues to menace Sonoma County, but firefighters are gaining optimism. In Los Angeles, the dramatic Getty Fire erupted near the busiest highway in the U.S.

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5 Questions About The $1.4 Billion County Timber Lawsuit Against Oregon

Oregon counties say they're missing out on millions each year because the state doesn't log public forests like timber companies do on private land.

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Proposal To Restore Grizzlies To Washington Draws Hundreds Of Voices

It’s been four years since the federal government initially started asking Washington residents whether they’d like to see more grizzly bears brought into the state. And still, the heated debate continues.

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Oregon Governor’s Council Projects Big Bill To Manage Wildfire

The Governor's Council on Wildfire Response estimates the state will need $4 billion in funding to reduce wildfire risks through actions such as logging overstocked forestland.

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Elliott Research Forest Proposal To Get An Airing In Portland Hearing

The Department of State Lands and Oregon State University are inviting the public to learn more about a proposal to turn Elliott State Forest into a research forest.

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Oregon's New Timber Unity Group Seeks To Recall Coastal Democrat

In a filing this week, the group accuses Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell, D-Astoria, of supporting policies that would kill jobs in her coastal district.