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Justices Appear Skeptical Of Calif. Law Challenged By Anti-Abortion Centers


The high court is hearing arguments on whether anti-abortion pregnancy centers, which can often appear to be abortion clinics, have to disclose more fully what they are, as required by California law.

Taste Buds Dull As People Gain Weight. Now Scientists Think They Know Why


Doctors have known that as people pack on the pounds, their sense of taste diminishes. New research in mice helps explain what's going on: Inflammation brought on by obesity may be killing taste buds.

Mississippi Governor Signs Nation's Toughest Abortion Ban Into Law


The state's only abortion clinic has filed a lawsuit in response to the new law, which bans abortion after 15 weeks of gestation.

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WATCH: How A Tick Digs Its Hooks Into You

See how a tick sinks its hooks into a human for a long meal. And find out the best way to remove it.


Guys, We Have A Problem: How American Masculinity Creates Lonely Men

Boys get the message quickly: a man is supposed to be strong and independent. That message, researchers say, has widespread consequences for men's social lives and physical health.

Health | Election

President Trump Vows To 'Liberate' U.S. From Opioid Crisis

Trump traveled to New Hampshire on Monday to outline his plans to combat opioid addiction. New Hampshire's death rate from opioid overdoses is twice the national average.

Nation | Health

Black And Latino Children Are Often Overlooked When It Comes To Autism

Research suggests that African-American and Latino children with autism are diagnosed later in life because of bias on the part of healthcare providers or lack of access among families, among others.

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Landmark Report Concludes Abortion In U.S. Is Safe

The report by the National Academies says many state laws that make it harder for women to get abortions don't have a medical purpose and can make outcomes worse.

Technology | Health | World

Follow-Up: Did The Computerless Computer Teacher Ever Get A Computer?

The story of the middle school teacher without a computer prompted an outpouring of support. But did he get any laptops?

Education | World | Nation | Health | Science

Is It Time To Bring Risk Back Into Our Kids' Playgrounds?

Are playgrounds in the U.S. too sterile and risk-averse to help our kids thrive? Anthropologist Barbara J. King considers play and child development in evolutionary perspective.

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Oregon Cannabis Regulators To Soon Begin Spot Inspections

State regulators will soon start doing random inspections of cannabis businesses, starting with retailers, according to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

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More Than A Job: Home Care For A Mom With Alzheimer's Disease

Celina Raddatz worked in eldercare for about 30 years, until her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and she quit her job to take care of her. Now Raddatz works as a paid caregiver for her mother.

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Hermiston Approved For 16-Bed Psychiatric Hospital

The state has approved a 16-bed psychiatric hospital in Hermiston, Oregon. It’s just as well because the health system building it has almost finished

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