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China Reports 2 Cases Of The Most Dangerous Type Of Plague


Authorities have censored Chinese-language news of the hospitalization of a couple who traveled from Mongolia to Beijing for treatment, perhaps to tamp down fears.

Even Researchers Were Shocked By How Tough Life Is For Sanitation Workers


In lower-income countries, snakes, cow carcasses and collapsing walls are among the hazards faced by this critical but long-ignored group of workers.

Polio Is Making A Comeback


Health officials have long known that virus from the oral vaccine can contaminate water supplies; they underestimated how big a problem this would be.

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How Vaping Snuck Up On Regulators

Evan as the popularity of e-cigarettes like Juul has exploded — with unknown health risks — the federal government has been slow to regulate vaping companies.

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Oklahoma Judge Shaves $107 Million Off Opioid Decision Against Johnson & Johnson

The new number from Judge Thad Balkman comes nearly three months after he ordered the drugmaker to pay $572 million for its role in the opioid crisis. Both sides had questioned that sum.

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Trump Wants Insurers and Hospitals To Show Real Prices To Patients

Two regulations announced Friday take aim at health care prices. One, to affect patients by 2021, addresses hospital rates. The second would require more upfront clarity from insurers.

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Experts Worry Active Shooter Drills In Schools Could Be Traumatic For Students

With lockdown drills now commonplace in public schools, experts question if they're doing more harm than good. "We don't light a fire in the hallway to practice fire drills," one professor tells NPR.

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When Countries Get Wealthier, Kids Can Lose Out On Vaccines

Childhood vaccines are often subsidized in the poorest countries. , but not for those moving up the wealth ladder.

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Could 'Hidden Hunger' Be Conquered With A Particle The Size Of A Grain Of Salt?

To pack a healthier punch into staple foods like flour, researchers borrowed technology from the pharmaceutical industry.

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Oregon Court Blocks State's Ban On Flavored Vape Products Containing Cannabis

The Oregon Court of Appeals has blocked the ban on flavored cannabis vaping products.

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Activists Protest USDA Changes That Threaten Free School Lunch

Activists delivered a petition with 1.5 million signatures to the agency in an effort to stop a rule change that would end automatic enrollment in free school lunch for nearly 1 million kids.

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Washington State Agrees To Settlement With Family Of Inmate Who Died By Suicide

The state of Washington has agreed to pay $500,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by the family of a 29-year-old man who died by suicide in an isolation cell at the Airway Heights Corrections Center near Spokane in May 2014.

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Audit Finds Prescription Drug Monitoring At Oregon's Veterinarian Offices Needs Strengthening

A new audit by the Oregon secretary of state has found the system for monitoring controlled substances in veterinarian offices needs strengthening.

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