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Academic Science Rethinks All-Too-White 'Dude Walls' Of Honor


Historic portraits of revered scientists and doctors can be found all over medical schools and universities — and, as it happens, most feature white men. Some say this sends the wrong message.

Praise, Don't Tease, And Other Tips To Help Kids With Their Weight


Even well-intended comments about weight and dieting can actually harm children. Here's advice for how to set kids up for a healthy life and a positive self-image.

Nailed It: Bringing Science Into Nail Art


A young scientist decided that one way to get girls into science would be by painting neurons and parasitic worms on her nails.

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When Temperatures Rise, So Do Health Problems

Heatstroke tends to get the most attention during extreme heat waves. But other diseases are affected by high temperatures as well.

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What Do Greenlanders Think Of Trump's Interest In Buying Greenland?

The majority are Inuit. They laugh about it but also take it seriously. One says such talk is "extremely imperialistic and should not be something that we hear world leaders say in 2019."

Science | Health

Naked And Unafraid: The Secret Lives Of Naked Mole Rats

Picture a hairless, wrinkly rodent about the size of a small sweet potato--kinda cool, kinda weird. They also are extraordinarily long-lived. Researchers are lining up to study learn their secrets.

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The Invisible Children With Cancer

A study looks at the toll of cancer on children around the world. Co-author Dr. Lisa Force of St. Jude hospital says: "An important prognostic indicator for survival is where that child is living."

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Lack Of Diversity In Genetic Databases Hampers Research

Scientists around the world are working to correct a problem with genetic health information — too much of it is currently based on samples of Europeans.

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Subtle Differences In Brain Cells Hint at Why Many Drugs Help Mice But Not People

A detailed comparison of mouse and human brain tissue found differences that could help explain why mice aren't always a good model for human diseases.

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70 Mayors Reject Trump Food Stamp Proposal, Saying It Puts Kids At Risk

Mayors from 70 American cities send a letter to the Trump administration, saying a plan to push millions of people out of the federal food stamp program would punish some of the country's neediest.

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Oregon Warns Doctors To Look Out For Vape-Related Illness

Oregon’s public health departments are urging doctors to be on the lookout for respiratory illness among people who vape or use electronic cigarettes.

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WHO Study Finds No Evidence Of Health Concerns From Microplastics In Drinking Water

The World Health Organization says that the tiny particles of plastic found everywhere in the environment do not appear to pose any significant risk to human health.


Poll: Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Says Pain Often Interferes With Daily Life

How do Americans experience and cope with pain that makes everyday life harder? We asked in the latest NPR-IBM Watson Health Poll.

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