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His Dad Died In A Venezuelan Hospital. What He Saw In The Morgue Still Haunts Him


When this reporter's father died, he accompanied the body as it was taken to the morgue. The grieving son says it was the hardest walk of his life.

Menopause Can Start Younger Than You Think: Here's What You Need To Know


Would you recognize the signs that your body is going through the big hormonal changes that lead to menopause? Here's what to look for — and what you can do about it.

Scientists Sent Mighty Mice To Space To Improve Treatments Back On Earth


Forty mice spent more than a month in orbit to test two approaches to strengthening muscle and bone in microgravity conditions. The results could help people with muscle and bone diseases.

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Supreme Court Takes Up Birth-Control Conscience Case

The high court will consider a case involving a challenge to a Trump administration rule that allows employers to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage for religious or moral reasons.

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CDC To Screen For New Strain Of Coronavirus At 3 U.S. Airports

The new strain of coronavirus is from the same family as SARS, but doesn't appear to spread easily between people.

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'Freed From The Secret': Rep. Ayanna Pressley Opens Up About Living With Alopecia

The freshman lawmaker says she felt that it was particularly important for her to speak out about her condition because her hairstyle, Senegalese twists, had become a part of her political brand.


Stealth Disease Likely To Blame For 20% Of Worldwide Deaths

Sepsis, or blood poisoning, arises when the body overreacts to an infection. An analysis finds that it may be involved in 20% of deaths worldwide, twice the proportion previously estimated.


Vitamin Treatment For Sepsis Fails In Large Trial

Hopes were high that a cocktail of vitamins and steroids could treat a deadly disease that kills some 270,000 Americans annually. Trial results were disappointing.


'A Lifeline' For Doctors Helps Them Treat Postpartum Depression

Nearly 1 in 7 women suffers from depression during pregnancy or postpartum. But very few get treatment. Doctors in Massachusetts have a new way to get them help.


As Menopause Nears, Be Aware It Can Trigger Depression And Anxiety, Too

Women with a history of depression and anxiety are at a higher risk of having a flair up during the time leading up to menopause. And getting doctors to take the issue seriously can be challenging.

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Embryo Research To Reduce Need For In Vitro Fertilization Raises Ethical Concerns

Aiming to find a cheaper, easier way than IVF to ensure human embryos are healthy before implantation, researchers paid women to be inseminated, then flushed the embryos from their wombs for analysis.

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Oregon DEQ Data Shows Pollution From Woodstoves Is On A Wildfire’s Scale

New data from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality shows woodstoves and chimneys emit particulate pollution at levels similar to a wildfire.

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Oregon Doctor Proposes New Definition For Old Condition

An Oregon doctor is trying to redefine a behavioral problem that’s been around for centuries but gets little attention. 

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