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Trump Administration Accused Of Ignoring Public Input Through Its Revamp Of Lands Councils

The changes to the rural advisory councils in Oregon and other western states are part of a shift in public lands philosophy and policy by the Trump administration.

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A New Type Of Hunter Could Be The Key To Funding Conservation

Hunters fund conservation efforts. Public lands are often prime hunting ground. But with the number of hunters on the decline, stakeholders are banking on attracting a different type of hunter to fund needed conservation efforts.

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5 Arrested As Environmental Activists Block Shipping Dock At Port Of Vancouver

Five people were arrested after the environmental activist groups Portland Rising Tide and Mosquito Fleet blocked a ship from docking at the Port of Vancouver. 

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Metro Bond Measure Aims To Improve Natural Areas In The Region

If passed, the Metro measure 26-203 would authorize $475 million towards things like purchasing land to restore wildlife habitats and improving and completing community parks and trails.

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What Does It Take To Get A New Apple Variety To Market? A Lot. And Cosmic Crisp Shows It.

After more than 20 years of development, the Cosmic Crisp apple is finally ready for the market.

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Portland Officials Say Mandatory Retrofitting Won't Be In New Committee Recommendations

In a stark break from previous thinking on the topic, council members said they don’t predict the work group will come back with a policy that mandates owners retrofit their buildings.

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Oregon Secretary Of State Rejects Ballot Proposal On Immigrant Driver's Licenses

Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno ruled that the proposal did not meet constitutional requirements. 

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Climate Change Has Some Willamette Valley Farmers Adapting An Ancient Way To Grow Food

As the climate gets warmer, farmers in the Willamette Valley are testing an agricultural technique called dry farming. Instead of irrigating crops, they rely on the moisture stored in the soil.

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Portland Named As A Finalist In Global Climate Action Awards

Portland's Crystal Springs Creek Restoration Project has been named a finalist for a prestigious global award that recognizes cities that are demonstrating climate action leadership.

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Hunting And Fishing To Expand On 77 National Wildlife Refuges

In an effort to increase recreational access on public lands, the Trump administration is expanding new hunting and fishing opportunities on more than 1.4 million acres nationwide.