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Change To Oregon Smoke Rules Seeing Early Results For Prescribed Burns

We’re not getting nearly enough prescribed fire on the ground to restore forests and manage the risk of severe wildfire. Oregon's new smoke rules are intended to change that trend.

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837 Acres At Clatskanie Port Remain Farmland, For Now

Columbia County’s plan to turn 837 acres of Oregon farmland into an industrial site along the Columbia River is headed back to the county for revisions — again.

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Oregon Restricts Solar Development On Prime Farmland

The Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission has approved new rules that restrict commercial solar development on millions of acres of high-value farmland across the state.

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Oregon Effort To Add Density In Many Neighborhoods Gains Momentum

An Oregon House committee unanimously approves a bill to force larger cities to accept multi-family housing in neighborhoods now zoned for single-family homes.

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Federal Judge Upholds Expansion Of The Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

A federal judge says when Barack Obama was president, he had the authority to pull designated timber production lands into the monument near Ashland.

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Metro Chair Lynn Peterson Says I-5 Rose Quarter Project Needs To Help Revitalize Nearby Area

Metro Chair Lynn Peterson joins with the Albina Vision Trust in pushing for major changes to Interstate 5 improvement project in Rose Quarter area of Portland.

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The Uncertain Fate Of The Canby Ferry

The Canby Ferry is a piece of Oregon history, but it's also costing Clackamas County about $400,000 a year. The county is trying to figure out if it can make up the difference.

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Oregon Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Nullify Warm Springs Treaty Of 1865

Federal lawmakers say the U.S. defrauded the Tribes 154 years ago, illegally revoking hunting and fishing rights off-reservation.

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In Oregon, New Sage Grouse Plans Allow For Continued Grazing

The Trump administration lifts restrictions meant to protect sage grouse across the West. In Oregon grazing restrictions are being removed in 13 areas that provide habitat for the imperiled birds.

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Southern Oregon Residents Are Wary About An Energy-Storing Lake

If approved and built, the Swan Lake North pumped hydro storage project in southern Oregon would be the largest energy storage project in the Pacific Northwest.