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Airlines Cancel Boeing Max Flights Into November; Holiday Flights Could Be Next

The Federal Aviation Administration found a new problem in Boeing's max plane last month, so it will like be several more months before the troubled plane is certified to fly passengers again.

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Oregon Republicans Begin Effort To Recall Gov. Kate Brown

In order to force a recall election, the Oregon GOP needs to collect more than 280,000 valid signatures in three months. 

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Nonprofit Looks To San Juan Islands For Retired Captive Orca Sanctuary

An environmental nonprofit is gauging interest in the creation of an orca enclosure in Washington's San Juan Islands.

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Efforts Aim To Stitch Together West Coast Hiking Trails

Long-distance hiking can be the experience of a lifetime. It also can present dicey to mundane hurdles, like having to hike stretches along busy highways or logging roads.

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State Of Oregon Employees To Get Raises Of Up To 15%

About 24,000 state employees will see raises of up to 15% over the next two years, if a tentative agreement is finalized.

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US Implementing '3rd Country' Rule On Central American Migrants Seeking Asylum

Immigrants who want to seek asylum at the U.S. southern border must first apply for that status in another country, according to a new rule that is set to take effect Tuesday.

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Trump Continues Twitter Assault On 4 Minority Congresswomen

A day after a series of tweets using racist language to describe the Democratic lawmakers, President Trump said the four members of Congress should apologize to him.

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Founder Of African American History Museum Discovered Dead In Car Trunk

Sadie Roberts-Joseph was a prominent civil rights activist and community leader in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She founded the city's African American History Museum in 2001.

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Listen: OPB's 'Bundyville' Podcast

From Longreads and Oregon Public Broadcasting, “Bundyville” returns for a second season to pick up where the first season left off. "Bundyville: The Remnant" is a seven-part series that explores the world beyond the Bundy family and the armed uprisings they inspired.

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What Will It Take To Get The Oregon Zoo Railway's Long Route Back On Track?

Restoring the Washington Park and Zoo Railway's original 2-mile route isn't completely off the table, but it would take time, money and community support.