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Oregon Cap And Trade Bill Sees Big Changes

A massive amendment package would rope in additional industries, but also offer new carve outs to polluters. 

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Oregon Senate Passes Bill Clarifying Use Of Student Restraint

The Oregon Senate passed a bill Monday clarifying the use of restraint in schools. 

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Watch Live: PBS NewsHour And FRONTLINE’s Joint Special On The Mueller Report

Robert Mueller's report has been delivered to the Justice Department. What's next? How did we get to this moment?

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Oregon Campaign Finance Reformers Focus On 'Dark Money'

Would-be campaign finance reformers in Oregon say they want to tighten disclosure requirements for nonprofits that run advertising targeting candidates.

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Attorney Michael Avenatti Charged With Trying To Extort Millions From Nike

U.S. prosecutors on two coasts have charged attorney Michael Avenatti, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, with extortion and bank and wire fraud.

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Bend Bulletin Owner Eyes Sale Of Sister Newspapers

An attorney for Western Communications says the goal is to sell all but two of the company's seven newspapers serving rural Oregon and California.

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Washington Gov. Inslee's Security Unit Balloons As He Campaigns For President

To keep up with Gov. Jay Inslee as he campaigns around the country for president, the Washington State Patrol is preparing to nearly double the size and more than double the budget of the specialty unit that protects him.

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Impeachment Just Got Less Likely And 6 Other Takeaways From The Barr Letter

Attorney General William Barr's letter to Congress about the Mueller Russia probe is a big short-term win for the president, but it doesn't "exonerate" him totally, and Democrats want to see more.

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Undercover Investigators Find Oregon Link To Illegal Rainforest Logging

An environmental watchdog's four-year investigation into illegal logging in west-Central Africa leads a report that's critical of the role Northwest businesses have played in the global supply chain.

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The Man Who Will Determine The Fate Of The Mueller Report: What You Should Know

This is not the first time William Barr has led the Justice Department. The seasoned D.C. lawyer has expressed expansive views on the powers of the president — and supported past presidential pardons.