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Trump Advocates For Public Service On MLK Day, But Spends It At Mar-A-Lago Resort

Past presidents have honored the civil rights leader's birthday by helping out at libraries or homeless shelters but Preisdent Trump chose to spend the day at his Florida resort.

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Price Talks Further Delay PNW Dungeness Crab Season

The commercial Dungeness crab season had been set to open Monday in most of Oregon and Washington state, but price negotiations and ocean conditions kept boats at home.

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Oregon Group Sues Forest Service To Protect Threatened Plant Species

Conservationists in northeast Oregon are suing the U.S. Forest Service for reauthorizing livestock grazing on 44,000 acres of grasslands within the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area.

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Buying An Electric Car In Oregon Or Washington? Tax Incentives Are Changing

If you're considering buying an electric car in Oregon or Washington, you might want to pay attention to possible changes in tax policy.

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Washington To Stop Releasing Driver's License Info Without Court Order

The Washington State Department of Licensing says it will no longer release personal information to federal immigration authorities without a court order unless required by law.

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After A Year In Office, Questions About Trump's Foreign Deals Go On. And On

When preparing to take the oath of office, President Trump promised to make no new foreign business deals. But a year later, ethics experts say the problems have not been solved in any meaningful way.

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For 1 Attorney, A Lonely Legal Fight To Make Trump Comply With Rules

Attorney Jeffrey Lovitky took it upon himself last year to sue Trump. "It is intimidating," he says. Still, he's suing again, saying he has a duty to push for compliance with various ethics rules.

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Las Vegas Shooter's Girlfriend Acted Swiftly, Unsealed Documents Show

Hundreds of pages of newly-released court documents reveal what authorities knew and the leads they were chasing in the days following the attack, but offer little on motive.

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As DACA Recipients Begin Renewing Permits, Trump Tweets Program Is 'Probably Dead'

With four legislative days left before a government shutdown, lawmakers appear to be far from a deal to fix the DACA program and fall out continues from the President's reported use of a vulgarity.

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Washington Gov. Inslee's Climate Change Advisers Raise Eyebrows

The attention to Inslee's office also comes as his national profile rises.