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Students Join Oregon Effort To Ban Certain Semi-Automatic Weapons


Oregon students are finding inspiration from the teenagers who mobilized after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, that killed 17 people.

Earthquake Early Warning Gets Big Boost In New Federal Budget

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An earthquake early warning system under development for the West Coast gets a major boost in the new federal budget that President Donald Trump signed into law Friday.

Oregon Employee Jeopardizes Personal Information Of 36,000 Taxpayers


The Department of Revenue says there's no sign the information leaked out. The unidentified employee is on leave. 

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Oregon Attorney General Considers Investigating Facebook

Oregon's attorney general says she is reviewing whether to launch an investigation of Facebook, including whether it violated a state law that protects online customers' private information.

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Lawmakers Revive Funding For Rural Oregon, But It's No Long-Term Solution

Oregon lawmakers say they've revived funding for an expired federal aid program that provided money to rural counties whose economies relied heavily on federal timber harvesting.

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Lead Trump Lawyer In Russia Probe Leaves In Legal Shake-Up

President Donald Trump's lead lawyer in the special counsel's Russia investigation has resigned amid a shake-up of the president's legal team.

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Is Hiding Income And Destroying Records Obstruction? Maybe Not

Justices issued a potentially far-reaching decision Wednesday making it harder for the federal government to prosecute obstruction of IRS enforcement of the tax code.

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As The US Debates Gun Laws, So Does Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has introduced "common sense gun laws" to help stem the flow of illegal guns from the U.S. However, rights advocates have vowed to fight the law.

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Congress Unveils $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill As Friday Deadline Looms

The spending bill includes dozens of unrelated policy "riders" added by party leaders in closely-held negotiations.

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New Washington Laws Aim To Address Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee on Wednesday signed into law several measures aimed at addressing sexual harassment in the workplace.

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Inslee Signs Nation's 1st Law Banning Food Packaging Chemicals

Washington will soon phase out nonstick chemicals in its food packaging. Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill into law Wednesday that will eventually restrict perfluorinated chemicals.

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Congressional Negotiators Reach Deal On Wildfire Funding

The massive spending bill funding the government includes a long-sought deal on wildfires and forest management.

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In Dispute With Tenants, Oregon Lawmaker Plans To Subpoena Newspaper, Activists

As part of an ongoing lawsuit, Oregon state Sen. Rod Monroe's lawyers say they'll subpoena Willamette Week and Portland Tenants United.