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Oregon Sen. Wyden Calls For 911-Like Suicide Prevention Number


Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden asked the Federal Communications Commission on Monday to create a three-digit phone number for those thinking about taking their lives or in need of mental health support.

After DOJ Advice, Dennis Richardson Won't Send Deputy To Meetings In His Place


The Oregon secretary of state said in October that Deputy Secretary of State Leslie Cummings would vote in his place while he received cancer treatment.

Substance Or Symbolism: The Wave Of State Bump Stock Bans In 2018

Guns & America

With bump stock bans now in place in more than one-fifth of the country, they represent a new wave of gun safety regulation. But whether the bans help to decrease gun violence has yet to be seen.

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Here's What Would Happen If The Government Shuts Down This Week

Even a partial government shutdown would leave some 800,000 government workers without pay over the holidays although many would remain on the job.

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What To Know About The Affordable Care Act After The Texas Ruling

A federal judge in Texas rules the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. What does this mean for American healthcare, and who will be affected?

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The Governor Who Couldn’t Vote: Why History Forgot Oregon’s 1st Female Head Of State

America’s first female governor served in Oregon three years before women in the state gained the right to vote. But history has largely forgotten her. That wasn’t an accident.

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Oregon Land Board To Discuss Elliott State Forest Ownership Options

Last year, the board voted to keep the 82,500-acre forest in public ownership rather than sell it into private hands.

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Gov. Inslee Proposes Big Boost In Washington Spending, New Taxes

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee is proposing a $10 billion increase in state spending over the next two years to maintain current services and fund new priorities, including mental health and orca recovery.

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Merkley Visits Tent Encampments At Border, Says They Need 'To Be Shut Down'

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley says tent encampments holding migrant children for immigration violations along the U.S.-Mexico border need to be shut down.

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'OPB Politics Now:' Combating Sexual Harassment In Oregon, Washington Legislatures

Legislators in Oregon and Washington promise to clean up their act next year when it comes to combating sexual harassment in their own ranks.  

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Hearing At Capitol Shows How Difficult Changing Salem's Culture Will Be

In the midst of the #MeToo movement, Oregon’s legislative leadership said they were committed to changing the culture of the statehouse in Salem.

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Oregon Lawmakers Mull Big Changes To Death Penalty, No Election Required

Bills under discussion would change state law to limit crimes punishable by death, and change standards for a death sentence.

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Oregon Rep. Schrader Continues To Oppose Pelosi's House Speaker Bid

Schrader has been critical of Nancy Pelosi’s leadership ever since Democrats lost control of the House in 2010, two years after he won Oregon’s 5th Congressional District seat.