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White House Moves Forward With State Of The Union Plans After Pelosi Urged Delay


It's unclear whether House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will allow the president to address Congress amid the government shutdown. Trump was originally invited by the speaker to make the speech next Tuesday.

Supreme Court Revives Trump's Ban On Transgender Military Personnel, For Now


Two lower courts had issued injunctions that blocked the president's policy.

Supreme Court Takes 1st Gun Case In Nearly A Decade, Possibly With Big Consequences


Depending on how narrowly or broadly the court rules, it has a majority now to affect gun rights and restrictions in a dramatic way.

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Oregon's Walden Gets Cheers And Jeers At Town Hall In Purple Bend

It was the Republican's first town hall visit to Bend since being booed in 2017, and losing Deschutes County voters to a Democrat in 2018.

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Oregon Legislators Look For Ways To Help Federal Workers

State leaders say they're looking for ways to help federal workers, both those on furlough and others who are being required to work for no pay. 

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Oregon Legislative Preview: Democrats In Charge With Ambitious Agenda

The 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature kicks off Jan. 22. With Gov. Kate Brown's re-election and new supermajorities in both chambers, Democrats will bring an ambitious agenda to the Capitol.

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Proposed Alternative To NRA's 'Murder Insurance' Has Early Support

A proposed alternative to the NRA's Carry Guard insurance has earned support on both sides of the gun debate. 

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Merkley Reveals Homeland Security Head Lied About Family Separation Policy

Sen. Jeff Merkley has asked for an investigation into the Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen after a memo revealed she lied to Congress about the administration’s knowledge of a family separation policy.

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Oregon Sees Huge Jump In Federal Workers Seeking Unemployment

More than 2,700 federal employees have filed for unemployment benefits in Oregon — a five-fold increase over this time last year. 

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Locked And Unloaded: Safe Gun Storage Laws Could Come To Oregon

Oregon, like many states, doesn’t require gun owners to lock up their weapons when not in use. But that could change during the upcoming legislative session.

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Oregon Democratic Donor Terry Bean Again Indicted On Sex Crime Charges

Prominent Democratic Party donor Terry Bean again faces sex crime charges related to a 2013 incident involving a teenage boy. 

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Shutdown Threatens To Stall Recovery In Wildfire-Ravaged Paradise, California

A federal grant for basic infrastructure projects is stalled. There is concern that, if fire survivors don't see evidence that recovery has begun, they could give up hope and leave the region.

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Shutdown Will Be Worse For Economy Than First Thought, White House Says

White House officials reportedly say that each week of the shutdown will subtract 0.1 percentage point from growth — double the administration's original estimate.