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Washington Utility Eager To Branch Into Hydrogen Fuel Production

It would be the first of a group of power companies in the Pacific Northwest to use their dams to make "renewable hydrogen."

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Undercover Investigators Find Oregon Link To Illegal Rainforest Logging

An environmental watchdog's four-year investigation into illegal logging in west-Central Africa leads a report that's critical of the role Northwest businesses have played in the global supply chain.

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OSU-Cascades Racks Up Water Research Grants

The Bend campus announced a $2.97 million grant through the U.S. Department of Energy to develop technology for treating the wastewater from fracking.

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Cattle Grazing Gives Way To Big Solar Farm Leases In Central Washington

A Portland-based energy developer has signed property leases for a big solar farm in Klickitat County near the Columbia River. When completed, the solar project will be the largest in Washington.

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As Herds Grow, BLM Boards Wild Horses On Private Land

The Bureau of Land Management has too many horses, too little grass, and grazing contracts ready for outsourcing.

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What Oregon's Cap-And-Trade Legislation Can’t Buy

Electric vehicles and clean transit are largely off-limits under Oregon’s proposal to slash emissions through cap-and-trade legislation.

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Oregon And Washington Lawmakers Consider Statewide Plastic Bag Bans

Lawmakers in both Oregon and Washington are considering bills that would ban single-use plastic bags statewide to reduce plastic pollution.

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Releases Green New Deal Outline

The plan is massively ambitious and faces political blockades. Proponents believe it's what's necessary to start saving the world from the threat of climate change and to reshape the U.S. economy.

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Oregon Bottle Deposit System Hits 90 Percent Redemption Rate

Oregon’s bottle deposit system is recycling more containers than ever before despite major disruptions in global recycling markets.

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Banned Fish Trap Returns To Columbia As Sustainable Way To Catch Salmon

Fish traps were banned on the Columbia River more than 80 year ago, but some say it’s time to bring them back as a way for fishermen to catch more hatchery salmon while protecting wild fish.