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Washington Supreme Court OKs Lesser Version Of Carbon Cap

Gov. Jay Inslee says a Washington Supreme Court decision limiting his program to cap carbon pollution is a “clarion call” that lawmakers must act. The court on Thursday reinstated Inslee's Clean Air Rule but drastically limited its application.

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Help Us Understand Logging And Timber Practices Across Oregon

Logging shapes the state’s economy and environment. ProPublica, OPB and The Oregonian are teaming up to report on the issues.

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Oregon Conservation Group Collects Christmas Trees For Salmon Habitat

Two local chapters of the Trout Unlimited conservation group will be collecting Christmas trees to place in streams for salmon habitat in January.

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Staff Picks: The Most Important Stories OPB Reported 2019

We've chased wild horses, explored a trade war's impact on the Northwest and investigated the Oregon foster care system's failures. Here are OPB's most important stories of 2019.

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Study Finds Not Logging Some Northwest Forests Could Offset Climate Change

A new study finds some Northwest forests have a lot of potential to capture carbon and offset climate change if they’re preserved and not logged.

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Oregon DOE Shares ‘Green Choices’ To Reduce Holiday Energy Consumption

The Oregon Department of Energy along with Energy Trust of Oregon share green tips to help consumers reduce their energy consumption during the holidays.

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Oregon Plant May Be Removed From Endangered Species List

For most of the past century, scientists thought Bradshaw's lomatium was extinct. Then, it was endangered. After recovery efforts, it's slated to be removed from the endangered species list.

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Latino Nonprofit Receives $400,000 Grant To Help Farmers Of Color

Nonprofit organization Adelante Mujeres has received a $400,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help support, educate and empower farmers of color.

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Recycling Is Down In Oregon. Advocates Blame Plastic.

Overall recycling rates in Oregon have steadily declined for the last several years, even as the amount of waste generated per person in the state has grown.

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Willamette Falls Paper Company Creates A New, Non-Wood Paper Product

The West Linn based Willamette Falls Paper Company created its first non-wood paper product by using microscopic fibers from agricultural waste.