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Insects Could Eat Twice As Much Wheat By The End Of The Century

As the planet warms, we're going to face bigger numbers of hungrier bugs. That could lead to lost crops in Oregon, and around the globe.

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We’ve Seen The Future of Meat, And It’s Plants

On this episode of ReInventors, we visit Field Roast’s test kitchen to learn how their chefs are creating the future of meat by fusing ancient Chinese recipes with traditional charcuterie.

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Oregon Treasury To Host Sustainable Investing Conference

Oregon State Treasury is hosting a free conference on sustainable investing next week to look at how the state and individual Oregonians can account for climate change when making investment decisions.

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Oregon Launches First Statewide Refillable Bottle System In US

Refillable beer bottles from seven craft breweries are popping up on store shelves across Oregon as the state leads an effort to bring back a more sustainable way of drinking beer.

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How To Clean Sand: Volunteers Take On Microplastics At Oregon Coast

How do you clean all the sand on a beach? A group of volunteers didn’t do it grain by grain, but took on the task screen by screen.

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We're Putting More Homes On Wild Lands And In The Path Of Wildfires

For people living in the “wildland-urban interface,” wildfire risk is the new normal, and the risk is increasing as more people move into places where cul-de-sac meets forest or sagebrush. 

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23 Million Pounds Of Recyclables Dumped In Oregon Landfills

Oregonians have sent 23 million pounds of recyclables to landfills in the months since China began turning them away.

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Beach Bling: How Trash Becomes Treasure At The Oregon Coast

Look closely at the colors decorating the sand beneath your feet and you’ll find a surprising amount of something that doesn’t belong: trash. One woman has a unique solution for what to do with it. 

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Efforts To Reduce Wildfire Risk Fall Short, Buck Science

The West is way behind on reducing the buildup of hazardous fuels we created. And much of the work we do to reduce those fuels is missing the key ingredient: fire.

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Meet The Man With A Nuclear Reactor In His Basement

In the basement of a house on a quiet residential street in a suburb just outside of Seattle resides the ultimate home science experiment — a nuclear fusion reactor.