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Oregon Plant May Be Removed From Endangered Species List

For most of the past century, scientists thought Bradshaw's lomatium was extinct. Then, it was endangered. After recovery efforts, it's slated to be removed from the endangered species list.

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Latino Nonprofit Receives $400,000 Grant To Help Farmers Of Color

Nonprofit organization Adelante Mujeres has received a $400,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help support, educate and empower farmers of color.

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Recycling Is Down In Oregon. Advocates Blame Plastic.

Overall recycling rates in Oregon have steadily declined for the last several years, even as the amount of waste generated per person in the state has grown.

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Willamette Falls Paper Company Creates A New, Non-Wood Paper Product

The West Linn based Willamette Falls Paper Company created its first non-wood paper product by using microscopic fibers from agricultural waste.

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Northwest Tribes Call For Removal Of Lower Columbia River Dams

The Yakama Nation  called Monday for the removal of three lower Columbia River dams, in an effort to save salmon and preserve First Nations’ culture.

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Climate Change Has Some Willamette Valley Farmers Adapting An Ancient Way To Grow Food

As the climate gets warmer, farmers in the Willamette Valley are testing an agricultural technique called dry farming. Instead of irrigating crops, they rely on the moisture stored in the soil.

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Solar Manufactured Homes Concept Wins National Award For Portland Firm

Phase3 Photovoltaics has won $500,000 in a national competition by devising a way to build solar panels into manufactured homes. It’s a way to help less affluent people turn to solar power.

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Portland's Unique 'Cat Partnership' Has Started A Movement Nationwide

Cat and bird advocates have found enough common ground to co-host an annual ‘Catio Tour’ of outdoor enclosures for house cats, which happens each September in the Portland area.

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Plastic Pollution Is Everywhere. What Can We Do About It?

Scientists are finding plastic pollution in every nook and cranny of the planet. Here are some of the ways people are trying to reduce it.

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Plastic's New Threat: Indestructible Rafts For Ocean-Crossing Invasive Species

Plastics show up in beach debris all over the world. Scientists are discovering that they present a new kind of threat: they're providing invasive marine species with floating, ocean-crossing "rafts."