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This Is Why A Lot Of Our Recycling Is Going To Landfills

New restrictions on shipping recyclables to China are forcing the Northwest to rethink what belongs in our recycling bins.

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Oregon State Scientist Creates Edible Plastic. What Does It Taste Like?

A scientist at Oregon State University is developing edible food packing as well as edible coating for fruits and vegetables.

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My House Could Help Portland Meet Its Climate Goals, But It'll Cost Me

Portland's new home energy score mandate could cut the city’s carbon footprint. But its success depends on homeowners like me.

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The Refillable Beer Bottle Is Making A Comeback In Oregon

In July, seven Oregon craft breweries will start selling beer in reusable glass bottles in the country’s first statewide refillable beer bottle program.

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Sea Lion Relocation Fails To Protect Willamette Falls Fish

The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife says its latest attempt to discourage savvy sea lions from feasting on native fish at Willamette Falls has proven to be an exercise in futility.

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Some Solar Customers Left Behind After Oregon Deadline Passes

Some of Oregon’s solar customers are going to miss out on thousands of dollars in savings, thanks to the expiration last weekend  of Oregon’s solar tax credit.

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Portlanders Likely To See A 10 Percent Increase In Garbage Bill

An emergency increase in Portland’s garbage bills is expected to be approved this month because of stricter Chinese recycling requirements.

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Think You're Recycling In Southern Oregon? Think Again

From November through February, Rogue Disposal dumped 2,700 tons of recyclables in the landfill under a six-month waiver granted by the state of Oregon.

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This Solar Startup Spent Big, Then Left Customers In Limbo

Legend Solar was a rising star in the green energy industry. But now, customers say the company took money for solar panels that were never delivered. 

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5 Most Important Environmental Issues Of 2017

From Paris to the White House to the wildlands of the Pacific Northwest, the environment was big news in 2017.