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Alan Turing, Computing Genius And WWII Hero, To Be On U.K.'s New 50-Pound Note


For decades, Turing's status as a giant in mathematics was largely unknown, thanks to the secrecy around his computer research and the social taboos about his sexuality.

'It's A Career Ender': 2 LGBTQ Former Dell Workers Share Their Stories


A former Dell worker said she had such a rough time at the company because of her appearance that she filed a human rights complaint. Another former worker alleges bias over her gender transition.

Beaverton Basement Launches App Like Fitbit For Your Brain


Working out of a basement in Beaverton, a group of entrepreneurs has just launched a new app. It's like a Fitbit for the brain.

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Finn Myrstad: What Happens When We Sign Away Our Online Privacy?

Do you read the terms and conditions on your apps? Finn Myrstad explains that not only would it take you dozens of hours, but you would probably not agree with all the ways your data is being used.

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Scott Galloway: Have We Let The Tech Giants Monopolize More Than The Economy?

Scott Galloway says companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple have too much power. Not only do they affect the economic and cultural fabric of our society, they affect our basic life choices.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Sued Over Blocking Twitter Followers

A former New York state assemblyman and a social media personality filed lawsuits on the same day an appeals court found President Trump violated the First Amendment by blocking critics on Twitter.

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Carole Cadwalladr: How Did Social Media Manipulate Our Votes And Our Elections?

After the Brexit vote, journalist Carole Cadwalladr discovered that misleading ads on Facebook had a massive impact on the way people voted. The implications of this manipulation, she says, are dire.

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Nir Eyal: How Easy Is It To "Unhook" Ourselves From Our Devices?

Behavioral designer Nir Eyal argues tech overuse is the responsibility of the user, not the tech companies. He says we can choose to unplug from our apps and devices if we want to.

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Doug Roble: What Happens When Visual Effects Aren't Limited To Just Movies?

Visual effects researcher Doug Roble is developing technology that creates hyper-realistic digital versions of humans. He explores the implications of this technology — both for good and bad.

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Once Considered Creepy, Location Apps Now Seen As Critical For Safety, Logistics

Some say location sharing is crucial in emergency situations. But it's also changing the way people interact in relationships.

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Will Your Job Still Exist In 2030?

New research finds automation widening the gap between urban and rural areas and dramatically affecting people who didn't go to college or didn't finish high school.

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Bet On The Bot: AI Beats The Professionals At 6-Player Texas Hold 'Em

Six-player Texas Hold 'em has been too tough for a machine to master — until now. A bot named Pluribus crushed some of the world's best poker players using brash and unorthodox strategies.

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Trump To Invite Social Media Companies To 'Big Meeting' To Discuss Censorship

The Trump administration has invited high-profile, conservative activists and bloggers to the White House for a social media summit. But they did not invite Facebook and Twitter.