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Billion-Dollar Gamble: How A 'Singular Hero' Helped Start A New Field In Physics


In the 1970s, Rich Isaacson was presented with what seemed a crazy idea: using lasers to detect gravitational waves. It became the biggest project the National Science Foundation had ever funded.

China's Luckin Coffee Tries To Conquer A Nation Of Tea Drinkers


In just three years, the Chinese brand has opened 2,300 stores — second in China only to Starbucks. The company goes public on Nasdaq on Friday. And ... it's losing millions.

Authorities Dismantle Transnational Cybercrime Group


The members allegedly used malware in an attempt to steal $100 million from thousands of victims across the globe. Criminal prosecutions have begun in the United States, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

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U.S. Move To Isolate Huawei Sends Ripples Through Global Supply Chain

The Trump administration's crackdown on the Chinese telecom giant would cut it off from a vital supply of U.S.-made components. It will also force allies to decide on the 5G futures.

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A Smartphone App And A Paper Funnel Could Help Parents Diagnose Kids' Ear Infections

While there are thousands of health-related apps around, one being developed at the University of Washington stands out because it uses a phone's microphone and speaker to make a a medical call.

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Trump Takes Aim At Huawei, Paves Way For Ban Of Foreign Telecom Equipment

Amid rising trade tensions, Trump is moving against Chinese telecom firms said to exploit vulnerabilities in communications and information technology.

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Oregon's Oldest Large Wind Farm Could Get Tech Upgrade

Oregon’s oldest wind farm could soon be getting an upgrade. New technology could help the wind farm in Eastern Oregon work more efficiently.

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San Francisco Approves Ban On Government's Use Of Facial Recognition Technology

The city is home to some of the world's largest technology companies, but it may ban use of facial recognition software by police and city agencies.

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New Zealand's Ardern Calls On Social Media Companies To Stem Terrorist Content

Facebook said Tuesday that it would implement a "one-strike" policy that would prevent users who have violated the site's standards from using its live streaming platform.

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How Computer-Assisted Telepathy Helps Humans Communicate

The next phase of human evolution seems headed toward merging biological bodies with machines, and in the first video of Future You, Elise Hu gets connected to a network and plays a game her thoughts.

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Is Your Family Fighting Over Screens? We Want To Help

NPR is doing a series of stories on young people and screen time, and we'd like to hear from you.

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Florida Governor Says Russian Hackers Breached 2 Counties In 2016

The attack had not been publicly-known until last month's release of the Mueller report. The governor said no vote tallies were affected and no data was manipulated.

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Stopping Key Tech Exports To China Could Backfire, Researchers And Firms Say

Some tech firms and researchers say plans to impose export restrictions on "emerging and foundational technology" would make it hard to thwart cyber threats and to cooperate globally in science.