Welcome to the Monday Mix, where we showcase new music just added to the opbmusic broadcast. This week, it’s a new song from accomplished young songwriter Margaret Glaspy, throwback 80s stylings from Portland quartet Superocean, and a gritty debut from London underground band Sorry.

Margaret Glaspy - “Devotion”

The Skinny: Margaret Glaspy has come off a four-year hiatus to release her sophomore album, “Devotion.” The title track takes an honest and mature approach to songwriting which Glaspy delivers with both power and sensitivity. The lyrics are delivered with the playful rhythmic clapping effect in the background and a piano arrangement, which gives the song the texture of a beautiful lounge act being performed in a dark and smokey room

Release Date: New album ‘Devotion’ was released March 27.

PNW Tour Dates: All U.S. tour dates are currently canceled or postponed.


Superocean - “Best Thing”

The Skinny: Portland quartet Superoceans’ new song “Best Thing” opens a portal to the ‘80s with its distinct new wave throwback sound. The keyboard intro gives you the nostalgic feeling of listening to your favorite cassette tape. But behind the veil of playful instrumentation is a song of regret and uncertainty.  

Release Date: This song is available now via Bandcamp.

PNW Tour Dates: None

Sorry - “Right Round the Clock”

The Skinny: From the North London underground, Sorry has announced themselves with “Right Round the Clock” off their debut album, “925.” They’ve adapted the sounds of 80s post-punk with laid back vocal swagger from lead singers Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Brien, accompanied by jazzy new wave instrumentation. They even give a lyrical ode to the band Tears for Fears in the middle.

Release Date: Sorry’s debut album, “925,” was released March 25.

PNW Tour Dates: None, though they’ll play several shows and festivals in Europe in July.