Untitled (Black Is) by Sault

Untitled (Black Is) by Sault

Courtesy of the artist

Welcome to the Monday Mix, where we showcase new music just added to the opbmusic broadcast. This week we feature the pandemic-driven solo project of a Bon Iver and Wye Oak bandmember Jenn Wasner, a righteous single from the lead singer of TV On The Radio, and a beautiful collaboration calling for racial justice.

Sault - “Bow”

Sault’s latest album, “Untitled (Black Is),” has wrapped its arms around the issue of racial injustice while channeling Black music and culture. “Bow,” featuring the voice of singer Michael Kiwanuka, dives right in with a distinctive and joyful African section rhythm and painful lyrical calls for justice. In part of a statement released on the group’s social media platforms, they explain that the album is designed to “mark a moment in time where we as Black People, and of Black Origin are fighting for our lives.

Tunde Adebimpe - “PEOPLE”

Tunde Adebimpe has collaborated with fellow TV On The Radio bandmate and drummer Roofeeo on the new single “PEOPLE.” This song’s relentless, pulsating sonic blasts are perfectly balanced with the unique beauty of Adebimpes vocal delivery. Lyrics like “If you see it’s a Nazi, say it’s a Nazi, and get that Nazi out,” leave no ambiguity to the message behind the music.

 Flock of Dimes - “Like So Much Desire”

Flock of Dimes is the solo project of Boner Iver and Wye Oak member Jenn Wasner. This song comes from the band’s new EP, also titled “Like So Much Desire.” The beauty of Wasner’s voice takes center stage while the music gently enhances every moment. Recorded by while quarantined in her home, you can almost sense the uncluttered freedom of isolation in Wasner’s performance.