Faye Webster

Faye Webster

Courtesy of the artist / Eat Humans

Each Monday we highlight three new songs recently added to the broadcast at opbmusic. This time around, hear some country soul from a young Atlanta-based artist, an infectious dance track featuring a classically trained singer and a power pop jam created by a one man band.

 My Brightest Diamond – It’s Me On The Dance Floor

Shara Nova is the crystal clear voice behind My Brightest Diamond. She is a multi-instrumentalist and trained classical singer — an artist who bends the rules of genre to experiment in new planes of pop. The song, “It’s Me on the Dance Floor,” is the bass thumping, electro-pop lead single from her album, “A Million and One,” released the week of Thanksgiving. To realize the vision of the album, Nova partnered with producer The Twilite Tone (Common, Gorillaz, Kanye West), mixer Andrew Scheps (Adele, Lana Del Rey, Beyoncé) and Earl Harvin (Seal, Sam Smith) on the drums. Catch her live on Feb. 21 at Mississippi Studios in Portland.

Faye Webster – Kingston

Faye Webster occupies a unique space, finding the intersection of hip hop and folk. Her time in Atlanta as a part of the collective, Awful Records, allowed her entrance and immersion into the hip hop scene in a manner that shines through her work. The twenty-one year old released the country soul teaser track, “Kingston,” in mid-November along with the announcement that she’d signed to record label Secretly Canadian. The accompanying self-directed video matches lush, colorful imagery with her sultry vocal—it’s both a little silly and a little sensual. That’s perhaps to be expected of Webster, an artist capable of striking the right balance between influence and innovation as she defines her sound.

Telekinesis - Set A Course

Michael Benjamin Lerner (aka Telekinesis) recently shared a new single, “Set a Course” from his upcoming album, “Effluxion,” due out Feb. 22 via Merge Records. The record label describes the album as “unfussy power pop—romantic and hopeful and skittish and fresh and familiar.” It’s true. The start of the song might lull you into thinking you’d stumbled upon a quiet folk tune, especially when paired with his seaside DIY lyric video. But don’t let your guard down just yet—it’s all in preparation to hit the listener with a pop-driven drumbeat part way through. In light of this, what’s to come from his fifth album? You’ll be able to find the answer for yourself at the live show on May 2 at Portland’s Mississippi Studios.