In January, NPR Music began accepting submissions for their 2nd annual Tiny Desk Contest, a competition designed to help uncover musical talent. Unsigned musicians were instructed to use/find/borrow or improvise a desk of some kind, roll video, and play their most compelling (original) song.

From a pool of 6,100 entries, the eventual winner was selected on March 3rd. Gaelynn Lea, a 32 year fiddler and singer from Duluth, Minnesota took home top honors, and she will now get to play an actual Tiny Desk concert at NPR as well as other shows at Lagunitas events in Petaluma CA, Chicago and Portland.

But as we said, there were thousands of entries. And you can play all of the submissions from the Pacific Northwest by exploring our interactive map.

Here are just a few of our favorites from Oregon:

Dirty Revival (from Portland, Oregon) - “Lay Me Down”

Justin Gordon (from Ashland, Oregon) - “The Destiny Of Frank”

Major Love Event (from Portland, Oregon) - “Sandy Sound”

Headdressed (from Fossil, Oregon) - “Long May We Run”

There Is No Mountain (from Portland, Oregon) - “Gulls”

Nicodemus Snow (from Troutdale, Oregon) - “Zipline”

La Rivera (from Portland, Oregon) - “Calais”