Portland band Balto took a long road to get where they are. Frontman and songwriter Daniel Sheron wrote most of his first record while living in Siberia, inspired by the people and remote landscapes he encountered there. Fleshed out with mandolin, banjo and piano, those songs were recorded back in New York, and released as October Road in 2011. After relocating to the Pacific Northwest, and now plugged in, Balto released a series of increasingly soulful rock EPs and singles, and since last summer Sheron and the group have teased their upcoming full-length release, Strangers. Balto — Daniel Sheron, Luke Beckel, Ben Mower, and Seth Mower — stopped by our studio to feature three songs from the record, due out February 24th.

Watch the performance above and hear the interview in the audio player below.


Audio recording and mixes: Zack Carver-Gustin with technical assistance from Randy Layton and William Ward
Mixes: Steven Kray
Videographers: Nate Sjol, Andrea Hendrickson, James Aebi
Editor: Jarratt Taylor
Executive Producer: David Christensen