On September 29,  Oregon City Brewing hosted “Rocktoberfest,” an afternoon of live music at their downtown Oregon City taproom, and the launch of the opbmusic-inspired “Chart Hopper” IPA.  Roots-rock band Cedar Teeth played an early afternoon set on the venue’s patio, with the brewery’s stainless steel tanks for a backdrop. The band is originally from Colton, Oregon, in the Cascade foothills just east of Mollala. Their most recent album is “Farewell to Green Mountain.”

Cedar Teeth is Dylan Martell, Rayson Gordon, Erin Corzine, Luke Prescott and Adam Murray. You can see the group performing Saturday October 20 at snow sports show Snowvana, at Portland’s Memorial Coliseum.


Audio recordings/mixes: Steven Kray
Videographers: Nate Sjol, Jarratt Taylor, Andrew Barrick
Editor: Jarratt Taylor
Executive Producer: David Christensen