Los Angeles-based Chicano Batman today released their third album, Freedom is Free. That title is more than a rebuttal to the familiar Iraq war rallying cry “Freedom isn’t free,” but encompasses something of the band’s universalist ideal, that we all want essentially the same things out of life. The quartet of Bardo Martinez, Carlos Arevalo, Eduardo Arenas and Gabriel Villa stopped by our studio before their concert last week, for a set of soulful songs off the new record. They were joined by backup singers from the band 79.5, who are opening for Chicano Batman on their national tour. The tour includes stops at SXSW this month and Coachella in April.

Watch the band’s performance in the player above and listen to the interview below with opbmusic contributor Juan Ramirez, as the group talks about “Freedom is Free” and why they’ve got a superhero in their name.


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