Update 6/29/18: Robin Bacior plays from her new album, “Light it Moved Me,” at Mississippi Studios, Sunday night July 1st.

With the release of Water Dreams earlier this year, Robin Bacior proved herself to be one of Portland’s most dynamic new musical transplants. She had already captured the attention of New York’s folk scene with her lullaby-like compositions that shifted between guitar and piano. But Water Dreams was something more: a hypnotic blend of piano and cello that swirls together with complex, almost classical currents.
Influenced both by Bacior’s move to Portland and her frequent dreams of bodies of water, the album is the result of bi-coastal songwriting with her longtime collaborator cellist Dan Bindschedler, who remained in New York but moved to Portland shortly after the album’s release. It comes across more as a suite of compositions than an album of songs, each piece flowing into the other, some tranquil as slight ripples in a breeze, others crashing like waves, all threatening to pull you beneath the surface.
The two told us they used abstract and visual concepts to guide their writing process, from the way jellyfish tentacles interplay to the idea of black lacquer. They’re joined in the session by drummer Jack Wells.

Watch the videos above, and listen to (and download) the songs and interview below.


Audio recording and mixes: Steven Kray with William Ward
Interview: Aaron Scott
Videographers: Sam Smith, Grahame Bywater, Jennifer Sowell, David Christensen
Photography: Gerard O’Sullivan
Producer: David Christensen