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Pickathon Woods Stage: Tinariwen

The current interest in Tuareg music from the Sahara Desert owes a hefty debt to Tinariwen, the groundbreaking collective from Northern Mali which brought the sound of “desert blues” to most of the world. The Tuareg people have been fighting a war for independence off and on for almost 50 years; Tinariwen began with a group of Tuareg rebels who trained together in the 1980s. The band has described their music as a more peaceful resistance and a way of getting their Tamasheq culture known by the rest of the world.

Tinariwen is also slowly passing the torch to younger musicians. The vocal and guitar solos here are played by Iyad Moussa Ben Abderahmane (aka “Sadam”), who also fronts the Algeria-based band, Imarhan.

Tinariwen played “Tin Ihlan” for a nighttime set in the trees at the Pickathon Woods Stage. The 2016 Pickathon festival is August 5-7 at Pendarvis Farm outside Portland.

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