Tina Kotek tours the sleeping pod areas at Arbor Lodge in North Portland on her last day in office as the Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, Jan. 20, 2022. Kotek, D-Portland, served as speaker from 2013-2022 and resigned to focus on her campaign for governor.

Oregon governor explains how she wants to spend $130 million in homelessness money

The governor believes the money should be spent to stave off homelessness for about 9,000 people and to expand shelter capacity by 600 beds within one year, among other things.

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Portland woman pleads guilty to insurrection charge

A Portland woman, QAnon adherent who espoused antisemitic views and frequently attended local far-right demonstrations in the region has pleaded guilty for her role in the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. She is one of nine Oregon and Southwest Washington residents to be charged for their participation in the insurrection and only the third to plead guilty. None have gone to trial yet.