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‘OPB Politics Now’: The gun regulation debate begins ... again

Oregon lawmakers have been so busy this session working up major packages on housing and semiconductors that the two parties have barely had time to fight over the issues that most bitterly divide them. That changed this week, as Democrats called up three bills that would expand gun regulation in the state. OPB reporters Dirk VanderHart and Jonathan Levinson break them down on the new episode.

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Oregon Senate approves $200M for housing, homelessness

The vast majority of the funding — about $157 million — is aimed at boosting homelessness and eviction prevention services. The money will go toward increasing shelter capacity, addressing youth homelessness, and funding rapid rehousing efforts and rental assistance programs.

Oregon legislators to consider 3 new laws aimed at curbing gun deaths

Legislators in Oregon are making a fourth attempt to ban “ghost guns,” untraceable and undetectable firearms that are assembled at home. They have proliferated in recent years. The legislation is one of three bills put forward this session to address gun violence in the state.