From OPB President and CEO Steve Bass:

On January 23, 2023, OPB begins a second century of service. One hundred years ago, a radio station signed on the air from the campus of the Oregon Agricultural College – now Oregon State University. That first station – KOAC AM 550 – began our journey and remains a critical part of OPB’s service today.

What started as a physics department experiment created something much bigger. Through the last century, OPB has grown into an indispensable service you and families and individuals across our region rely on for free and accessible news and insightful programs.

For one hundred years, OPB has elevated voices all over the region. We’ve told meaningful stories that softened hearts and sharpened minds. We’ve brought communities together and been a source of truth in an ever-confusing world.

And we couldn’t have done it without our members, listeners, viewers and readers.

You help ensure that we can continue to offer your favorite programs, the essential news you want daily, podcasts that shed light on important issues and tell fascinating stories, email newsletters that keep you connected, thought-provoking videos from the Pacific Northwest and more.

As we look to the next one hundred years, our commitment to serving Oregon and Southwest Washington through engaging programs is stronger than ever. We’re focused on welcoming and serving everyone across our region — including those who have traditionally been underserved or silenced. Our goal is to share the stories of those from all walks of life, so we can all learn more about this place we call home.

Thank you to all in our region who support OPB, and for helping to keep it strong as we step together into the next century of public service.