USAGE RESTRICTIONS—SEE NOTES: A bucket of juvenile salmon is handed to Conor Giorgi , anadromous Program Manager of Spokane Tribe, to be released nearby the Chief Joseph Dam the morning of May 6, 2022.

Biden administration promises $200 million to help reintroduce salmon in Columbia River

Dams have blocked salmon's passage, driving them toward extinction and violating tribal fishing rights. The money will fully fund Native tribes’ plans to bring fish back to the region.

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A tree trunk where a branch has been cut, showing several dark holes.

Invasive oak borer beetle worries Oregon forestry officials

The Mediterranean oak borer is native to Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. The insect tunnels beneath a tree’s bark, carrying with it a fungus that grows within the tree and blocks trees’ ability to take in water and nutrients.


Oregon scientists are building a better bionic eye

Serious vision loss affects millions of Americans each year, and biological strategies are still decades away from restoring eyesight lost to macular degeneration. But University of Oregon researchers are looking to create an electronic solution — a bionic eye — that could restore people’s sight. They’re tapping into the world of fractal structures that will allow a retinal implant and a human brain to communicate with each other.