A a white-lined sphinx pollinates a pale evening primrose flower.

Pollution causing problems for nighttime pollinators

Car exhaust at night is drowning out flower scents — a big problem for little insects. That’s according to a new study from the University of Washington.

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Salt making on the Oregon Coast, then and now

Two groups on the coast are trying to unlock the secret of making pure, clean, edible salt from sea water. One is a modern, innovative company and the other is recreating history.

A new study finds a critical vitamin for salmon in rivers

A new study led by Oregon State University has found that Chinook salmon can get thiamine, a vitamin that is critical to their survival, from the water and sediment in California's Sacramento River.

Northwest geologist hot on the trail of Ginkgo lava flow

Popular geologist Nick Zentner of “Nick on the Rocks” takes an entertaining road trip to explore the Ginkgo lava flow that erupted in Central Washington and flowed all the way to the Oregon Coast 16 million years ago.