‘OPB Politics Now': Kate Brown vetoing budget bills, Oregon GOP and the voter pamphlet deadline

We’re catching up on an assortment of Oregon politics this week. Gov. Kate Brown announced she will veto budget bills — but those vetoes might not be legal. The Oregon Republican Party will appear in your voter pamphlet after all — because nobody is quite sure what constitutes a deadline these days. And here in the home of vote by mail, some Oregonians may end up casting their ballots in person.

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The release of an eye-catching list of possible budget cuts signals the start of the Oregon Legislature's end game: negotiations about taxes and budgets.

‘OPB Politics Now’: A whirlwind special session

Oregon lawmakers finished a whirlwind legislative session on Monday. They worked 15 hours. They passed 11 bills. And they managed to close a $1.5 billion budget shortfall.


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