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‘OPB Politics Now’: Oregon’s next governor and climate change

On this week's episode, we look at the impact the next Oregon governor will have on the state's approach to climate change. For years, the state has used to government policies to actively fight the climate crisis. But the three candidates for governor this year could change that.

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‘OPB Politics Now’: How Portland lost $1.4M

On this week's show, reporter Rebecca Ellis explains how the city of Portland lost $1.4 million to cyberhackers and what city leaders are doing to keep it from happening again.

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Oregon’s unique growth rules have preserved open space but also led to new fights

Anyeley Hallovà chairs the commission that oversees Oregon's growth management system. She's passionate about developing compact neighborhoods that provide equitable and affordable housing — and that help combat climate change. But not everyone is happy about moving in this direction.

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How freeway builders collided with Oregon’s growth management system

The proposed Westside Bypass freeway in Washington County had a lot of momentum — until critics said it ran afoul of Oregon's growth management system. The freeway fight in the early 1990s wound up affecting transportation policies throughout the state.


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Growing Oregon

OPB senior political reporter Jeff Mapes spent more than a year researching, reporting and producing “Growing Oregon,” a six-part podcast and web series looking at the evolution of Oregon’s unique approach to growth and the impact it has on our lives today. You can find the full series here.