Painters capture the lavender fields of Oregon

'Oregon Art Beat'

For two decades Art Beat has traveled the state profiling hundreds of artists, offering a behind-the-scenes look at their creative process and fascinating insight into their work.

Oregon Field Guide Producer Ed Jahn trekking on Mount Hood.

'Oregon Field Guide'

For over 30 years, "Oregon Field Guide" has been OPB’s weekly TV news magazine exploring the ecological issues, natural wonders and outdoor recreation of the Northwest.

This month, OPB will premiere a new Oregon Experience documentary “Broken Treaties,” which examines the history of the native people of Oregon, and how they went from possessing 100 percent of the state’s land to nearly none of it.

'Oregon Experience'

From historical biographies to issues and events that have shaped our state, "Oregon Experience" is an exciting television series co-produced by OPB and the Oregon Historical Society.

Author Mitchell Jackson talks with Think Out Loud Host Dave Miller in Northeast Portland.

'Think Out Loud'

OPB's daily conversation covering news, politics, culture and the arts. Hosted By Dave Miller

'The Evergreen'

OPB’s weekly podcast, The Evergreen, creates an audio portrait of the Pacific Northwest. We tell the stories of the people, places, communities and cultures that make up this region. It’s a podcast about the place YOU live, the places you love, and the geography you feel connected to.

'Starting a Riot'

Thirty years ago, a movement called riot grrrl started in the Pacific Northwest. It wasn't just music – it was politics, feminism, culture and zines. And we're still feeling its effects today. This podcast tells the history of riot grrrl: why it started here in the Pacific Northwest, and what its lasting impact has been. And it focuses on the stories that haven’t really been told as part of the history of the movement. We’ll hear from people on the margins, people who felt left out, and the people who insisted on being part of the conversation anyway.

'All Science. No Fiction'

“All Science. No Fiction.” uses whimsy, curiosity and fun to place a spotlight on PNW scientists and the work they’re doing. With a playful style and a focus on solutions, we’re here to share joy and wonder and to explore innovation that promises greater equity and quality of life to you and your neighbors.

Yaa Gyasi, Rukaiyan Adams, and Colson Whitehead shared the stage at Wordstock 2016.

'Literary Arts: The Archive Project'

Literary Arts: The Archive Project is a co-production of Literary Arts and OPB. Literary Arts’ Executive Director, Andrew Proctor, is your host for The Archive Project. Connect with him at

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'Politics Now'

OPB Politics Now is a weekly podcast that takes a deep dive into the hottest political topics in Oregon and the Northwest. Every Friday, OPB’s political reporters and special guests offer in-depth analysis, discussion and insight into candidates, events and issues.

composite image of school photos from all children in the project, showing their kindergarten photo next to their current photo.

'Class Of 2025'

OPB has been following a group of 27 students since kindergarten, to see how they meet Oregon's expectation that every one of them finishes high school.


At the heart of everything foodie are the ingredients themselves—and nowhere in America is the obsession over ingredients more than in the Pacific Northwest. These are the stories behind the foods you love.

'Timber Wars'

Thirty years ago, the Northwest was torn apart in a fight over trees, owls and the meaning of the natural world. “Timber Wars” looks at the history and consequences of this conflict. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the NPR One app.

'Relative Fiction'

Nicole Georges grew up believing that her father was dead. That’s what her family told her, after all. But when she was in her 20s, a palm reader told Georges something different. Based on the award-winning 2013 graphic memoir "Calling Dr. Laura," this six-episode podcast will take us through Georges’ investigation, the stories she was told, and the rollercoaster of belief and identity she went through in the process.

'Dying For A Fight'

"Dying For A Fight," the second installment in Somethin’ Else’s "The Fault Line" series, investigates the killing of Sean Kealiher, an anti-fascist and anarchist. In 2019, months before the racial justice uprising and daily protests that would bring Portland international attention, Kealiher was killed while leaving a bar that was a known hangout for the city's anti-fascists. Nearly two years later, his homicide remains unsolved, and his mother Laura Kealiher believes police hatred for her son, and his politics, is the reason why.