Request a matching gift from your employer

If you work for, or are retired from, a company with a matching gift program, your contribution to OPB can make twice the impact on the journalism you rely on and the programs you love!

Your employer will match your gift dollar for dollar — some companies even double or triple the amount of your gift — at no cost to you!

Both Sustaining and single contributions can be matched.

Enter your employer’s name below to see if they match gifts to OPB (an “arts and cultural” organization).

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If your company is listed, follow the instructions given to start the matching process. If your company isn’t included, please contact your human resources department to ask if they will match your gift to OPB.

Most matching gift requests can be completed online. If you prefer to mail a form, please send it to: OPB Membership, 7140 S Macadam Ave., Portland, OR 97219.

If you have questions about matching gifts, email OPB’s tax I.D. is 93-0814638.

Thank you for doubling your impact for all the great programs you find with OPB!