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The ‘best worst idea’: Race from Washington to Alaska for engineless boats returns

A Northwest adventure race that some call "the best worst idea" has returned after a long, pandemic hiatus. The 2022 running of the Race to Alaska for engineless boats cast off at the first light of dawn Monday amid high winds in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, conditions the organizers characterized as "between seasick and dangerous."

The stream that forms the Valhalla canyon merges with another nearby stream to create a glade with two waterfalls that have been nicknamed “Shangri-La.”

Coal By Wire | Motor Voter | Valhalla

We talk to legislative representatives on both sides of a bill that would eliminate the use of coal energy by Oregon's two biggest utilities by 2035. The Oregon Secretary of State discusses how the implementation of the state’s automatic voter registration law is going. And we speak with the backcountry guide who led a trip down a previously undocumented slot canyon for Oregon Field Guide.

Specialty camera operator Ben Canales stands in the Valhalla canyon.

Slot Canyons, Explained

An uncharted slot canyon was recently found deep in an Oregon forest, which left us wondering, what exactly is a slot canyon?

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