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Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s new artistic director is optimistic for the future

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival's new artistic director has started his new job. Tim Bond spent 11 seasons from the mid-'90s to the early 2000s at the Ashland-based festival. Now he's returning to become the artistic leader at a time of serious turmoil for the repertory company.

The Regional Arts and Culture Council provides ongoing operating money for established arts groups, like Oregon Ballet Theatre, as well as project grants and technical support for individual artists and smaller groups.

Regional Arts and Culture Council staff respond to Portland’s plan to cut its funding

For nearly 30 years, Portland has been the main funder of the Regional Arts and Culture Council, which in turn has been one of the main arts and culture grant-makers in the region. The contract with Portland makes up over $6 million of the council’s $7.5 million budget. Portland Commissioner Dan Ryan announced last week that the city is going to end its contract with the nonprofit.