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Ushering in the Year of the Rabbit

East and Southeast Asian communities are beginning celebrations for Lunar New Year, ushering in the Year of the Rabbit or Year of the Cat, depending. Many events kick off this weekend in the greater Portland metro area — and beyond.

Soil from Portland helps memorialize Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII

A new project to memorialize the 125,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII will include soil from 75 former internment sites including one in Portland. Chisao Hata joined OPB to talk about the legacy of Japanese Americans in the Pacific Northwest and her participation in the Irei monument project.

People hold signs on street corner. Some of the messages on the signs include: "Racism is a virus," and "Stop Asian Hate."

Report reveals a surge in anti-Asian crimes in Oregon

Bias crimes targeting communities of color were up a shocking amount last year. According to the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission, crimes against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community went up 300% in 2021. One of the ways the state is responding is with the non-emergency bias crimes hotline.

Lion dancers at the Portland Lunar New Year celebration.

Lunar New Year | Environmental Update | Occupiers' Videos

We visit a Lunar New Year celebration in Portland’s historic Chinatown and learn about Oregon’s Chinese American roots. We check in with our EarthFix reporting team for the latest environmental stories. And we hear about the online activity of the remaining Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupiers.

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