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Michael Pollan talked with Dave Miller about his new book, "How to Change Your Mind," about the cultural and scientific history of psychedelic drugs, as well as his own personal experience with guided tripping.

Author Michael Pollan, with eye on Oregon’s psilocybin rollout, talks about plant-derived drugs

Michael Pollan has spent much of his career writing about the sometimes surprising relationship between plants and humans. His newest book, “This Is Your Mind on Plants,” focuses on three different plants and how they affect our brains. Opium, coffee, and mescaline could all be considered powerful drugs, or simply beautiful plants, or something much more mystical.

Transgender Teen | Bigfoot Country

We meet a transgender teenager named Jay and the reporter who documented his journey transitioning from a girl to boy. And we talk to the author of a released book about the real life habitat of a mythical beast.

REBROADCAST: The Names Of Our Stars | In-Home Care

Author Peter Fromm spent months alone in the wilderness babysitting growing salmon eggs. We also discuss what life is like for in-home care giving, just ahead of a local screening of a new documentary.

The Archive Project - Colum McCann

On this episode of the Archive Project, Irish author Colum McCann reflects on the importance of stories and storytelling, and how sharing and listening to stories combats cynicism.

The Archive Project - Marjane Satrapi

On this episode of "Literary Arts: The Archive Project", Iranian-born French author and illustrator Marjane Satrapi delves into the process of transforming Persepolis from book to film.