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Portland festival celebrates women in brewing industry

SheBrew is a one-day festival celebrating women in the industry. Now in its ninth year, the family-friendly event draws professional brewers and homebrewers alike.


Oregon brewers hit hard by falling draft beer sales, more closures

Oregon’s storied craft brewing industry suffered one of its worst years in 2023, with depressed draft beer sales and rising costs creating more pressure than some of the state’s businesses could bear.

A look at changes in Eugene’s craft beer scene

Eugene has seen some recent closures and changes in its breweries. KLCC’s Rachael McDonald spoke with Portland-based brewery industry consultant Ezra Johnson-Greenough, who writes about the beer industry in his blog, New School Beer.

The booze-free movement thriving in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is at the forefront of a new movement in how we imbibe. And it’s not for the region's award-winning Willamette Valley wines or hop-heavy IPAs. Instead, it’s about what’s not in our drinks: alcohol.

Widmer Brothers Brewing

10 Barrel Brewing, Widmer Brothers being sold to cannabis company

Some of Oregon’s most iconic breweries are changing hands once again and going to a perhaps unlikely owner: the largest cannabis company in the world. St Louis based Anheuser-Busch struck a deal to sell Bend's 10-Barrel Brewing Company and Portland's Widmer Brothers Brewing and Square Mile Cider Company to cannabis and lifestyle company Tilray.