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Portland police strike man in the head with shotgun during stolen vehicle response

An incident in which a Portland police officer used deadly force is under investigation after the officer struck a man in the head with a shotgun while responding to a report of a stolen car. Police said the man, identified as 32-year-old Brian Bruman, was reaching under a car seat when the officer struck him. Police said they later found a replica gun in the car. Officers had already removed a knife from the vehicle prior to the use of force.

Proposal to address older nonunanimous jury convictions in Oregon angers crime victims

Just days into Oregon’s 35-day legislative session, emotions surrounding Senate Bill 1511 have run high, with prosecutors and crime victims largely testifying against the legislation. The bill could vacate convictions for several hundred people found guilty by nonunanimous juries, which the U.S. Supreme Court has found unconstitutional in criminal cases.