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Italian elementary schoolchildren, photographed from above, assemble for a propagandistic photo praising fascist leader Benito Mussolini. Translation: Leader, We Love You.

What protectors of democracy can learn from the history of Italian fascism

On the Saturday before Election Day 2020, an open letter of concern signed by scholars of authoritarianism warned, "Regardless of the outcome of the United States election, democracy as we know it is already imperiled. However, it is not too late to turn the tide." University of Oregon Professor Diana Garvin, who studies the history of Italian fascism, is one of the scholars that signed the letter.

Portland rapper Bryson the Alien embraces the new DIY

Breaking out in the music world has never been harder than in the pandemic-altered world of 2020. But for enterprising artists like Bryson the Alien, this environment has presented some opportunities. On his new EP “Keyboard Kid vs. Bryson The Alien" the Portland rapper proves that the music industry has flattened, collaboration has never been easier and technology can bridge almost any gap.

Betty LaDuke reflects on 8 decades of activist art

Ashland’s Betty LaDuke is one of Oregon’s most internationally recognized artists. She's been traveling the world for over 60 year, sketching and painting, telling the stories of people linked to land and community.