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Hunting for Mare’s Eggs

Two fish biologists search Upper Klamath Lake for an odd creature known as a Mare’s Egg in this “Oregon Field Guide” short. What they find is as uncommon as it is unusual. And it is only around for a short time each year.


A group of KKK members parades down the streets of Grants Pass, Ore., in the 1920s. The KKK had a strong presence across the state in the early 1900s, with Oregon Klan leaders claiming 35,000 active members in 1923.

A racist history shows why Oregon is still so white

Oregon was the only state in the U.S. that had racist ideologies written into its constitution at its founding. But now these racist foundations, which Oregon and the nation were built on, are beginning to crack.

The city of Maywood Park, Ore., is made up of roughly 16 blocks of residential homes and lies entirely inside the city limits of Portland. A sign letting commuters know they're in Maywood Park is visible atop a street sign on Saturday, July 20, 2019.

Maywood Park: An Oregon city within a city

Located inside Portland, tiny Maywood Park isn't a neighborhood — it's a city that formed when its residents battled the state over development. Today it lives on as a slice of old Portland.

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