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‘Feast Portland’ returns with smaller events and a focus on BIPOC producers

For nearly a decade, FEAST Portland has drawn foodies from around the globe to the Pacific Northwest for a 4-day food festival with local chefs and international culinary talent. But thousands of folks, elbow-to-elbow, eating and drinking together, is not a good look in the midst of a pandemic. Last year, the festival went on hiatus, but 2021 brings a new “Summer of FEAST” with smaller, more intimate events spread over a month.

‘More than just sweet’: Honey’s surprising abundance of flavors

For Lee Hedgmon, life is sweet. She’s a master brewer and founder of The Barreled Bee, where she sells her barrel-aged honey creations. She's featured in the third episode of OPB’s new series on food and food systems in the Pacific Northwest, "Superabundant."

Meals 4 Heels feeds Portland sex workers, and now the wider community

Nikeisah Newton is the chef and owner of Meals 4 Heels, a late-night food delivery service for sex workers. Founded in 2019, her business has now expanded to catering and just this month, she started serving food from a new brick and mortar location at The Redd on Salmon Street.

How the Oregon truffle bends humans to its will

Truffles are mysterious organisms that thrive in the damp forests of the Pacific Northwest, especially in Oregon. Like their above-ground cousins, mushrooms, they are the fruit of vast underground networks of fungus.