Gun Violence

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How a strict gun safety measure divided the state of Oregon

Oregon voters approved a measure last fall aimed at reducing gun violence, something that already has led to more than 3,500 deaths nationwide so far this year. PBS NewsHour recently explored the gun safety measure in Oregon, and discovered the new law has sharply divided the state.

Portland city officials avoid competitive process for gunshot detection pilot

Text messages between a Portland Police Bureau officer and a ShotSpotter representative suggest a cozy relationship helped pave the way for the city’s decision to pilot the gunshot detection technology. The mayor’s office is piecing together a proposal for city council’s consideration that would award a contract for the trial run to ShotSpotter. Emails indicate the city plans to forgo a competitive bidding process, despite a concerted effort by competitor EAGL Technology to be taken seriously by city officials.

Portland aims to reduce gun violence with targeted neighborhood investments

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler recently declared a gun violence emergency in the city. He has also issued three different emergency declarations around homelessness this year. Portland’s new Community Safety Division is leading the efforts to address both homelessness and gun violence. We hear from Mike Myers, the leader of that division.