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Jefferson High School in Portland. An initiative petition that could appear on the Oregon fall ballot aims to boost the state's high school graduation rate.

News Roundtable | Graduation Rates | Health Equity Act

The weekly news roundtable mulls this busy week of news. Also, we ask one high school principal why her graduation rates soar, while the rest of the state founders. And we look at a new state bill that would cover women's healthcare.

Woodburn High School.

Live From Woodburn High

Oregon has the fourth lowest graduation rate in the country, but Woodburn High has exceeded the state average by double digits for two years in a row.

Eastern Promise offers college credits in rural high schools in eastern Oregon. It also has curriculum starting in elementary schools, like Sherwood Heights, in Pendleton.

'Eastern Promise' Offers Pathway To College

A program in eastern Oregon offers high school students a chance to earn college credits, and educators in other parts of the state are attempting to replicate the program.