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‘In the Shadow of Fairview’

Twenty years ago, the last resident left Fairview Training Center. It closed in 2000 amid lawsuits and investigations. But for nearly 100 years, Fairview was Oregon's primary institution for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For many residents, it was the only home they ever knew. For others, it was a living nightmare.

Italian elementary schoolchildren, photographed from above, assemble for a propagandistic photo praising fascist leader Benito Mussolini. Translation: Leader, We Love You.

What protectors of democracy can learn from the history of Italian fascism

On the Saturday before Election Day 2020, an open letter of concern signed by scholars of authoritarianism warned, "Regardless of the outcome of the United States election, democracy as we know it is already imperiled. However, it is not too late to turn the tide." University of Oregon Professor Diana Garvin, who studies the history of Italian fascism, is one of the scholars that signed the letter.

Oregon set the stage for modern presidential debates

In 1948, Portland hosted the United States’ first-ever nationally broadcast presidential debate. The face-off, between two candidates competing for the Republican nomination, is widely seen as the precedent for today’s debates.

How Oregon’s GOP governor teamed up with hippies to throw a festival and prevent clashes in the streets

In August of 1970, at the height of the Vietnam War, President Richard Nixon was slated to come to Portland, and so were thousands of antiwar protesters. That's when some young liberal Oregonians teamed up with Republican Gov. Tom McCall on a plan to lure thousands of potential antiwar demonstrators into the woods for a weekend of rock 'n' roll and avoid a projected violent clash in the City of Roses. This is the story of Oregon Vortex 1: A Biodegradable Festival of Life.