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Mask burning rally in Idaho fans COVID-19 worries in Oregon

Far-right activists gathered Saturday in Idaho to burn masks in opposition to COVID-19 restrictions. But Oregon, which has fared well during the pandemic, could also pay the price if the Gem State abandons health safety guidance.

Vaccine rollout in rural Eastern Oregon and Idaho poses unique challenges

First doses of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine have arrived in the Pacific Northwest. Doses of Moderna's vaccine, if authorized, should soon follow. But vaccine distribution won't be without logistical challenges, particularly in more rural areas. The chief clinical officer for the St. Alphonsus Health System, which operates in Idaho and Eastern Oregon, talks logistics behind how the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine there will work.

Idaho health board meeting halted after ‘intense protests’

Idaho public health officials abruptly ended a meeting Tuesday after the Boise mayor and chief of police said intense protests outside the health department building — as well as outside some health officials’ homes — were threatening public safety

Plan released to reduce massive wildfires in US West

U.S. officials on Friday released an overarching plan for removing or changing vegetation over a huge swath of the U.S. West to stop devastating wildfires on land used for cattle ranching, recreation and habitat for imperiled sage grouse.