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Soil from Portland helps memorialize Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII

A new project to memorialize the 125,000 Japanese and Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII will include soil from 75 former internment sites including one in Portland. Chisao Hata joined OPB to talk about the legacy of Japanese Americans in the Pacific Northwest and her participation in the Irei monument project.

The Portland Japanese Garden is considered the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan.

Portland Japanese Garden visitors mourn Shinzo Abe

Vistors convened at the Portland Japanese Garden this week to honor the life of a Japanese leader assassinated earlier this month, and reflect on the ties that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his family had to the Pacific Northwest.

Residents move along the sidewalk as the sun sets in the Aoyama area of Tokyo, Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2021.

Japan adding more hospital beds in plan for next virus surge

Japan’s preparations for the next coronavirus surge include adding thousands more hospital beds to avoid a situation like last summer when many COVID-19 patients were forced to stay home, even when they needed supplemental oxygen.