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An illustration of Intel's planned D1X expansion at its Ronler Acres manufacturing plant in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Oregon loses out on new semiconductor manufacturing campus

Oregon appears to be losing out on new semiconductor factories. Duncan Wyse, President of the Oregon Business Council, has gathered together a team of people to solve what he says is a big problem.

Oregon’s land-use rules bump up against increasingly crowded shorelines

After erosion brought the ocean more than 100 feet closer to the Pine Beach neighborhood over the last 30 years, homeowners built barriers known as rip rap. Environmentalists say Tillamook County is tossing out years of land-use precedent by allowing the erosion controls. Residents say they followed all the rules.

Oregon tries to tweak land-use rules to save Highway 101

Highway 101, the backbone of Oregon’s coastal transportation system, is in a sorry state. In several spots, tarmac is crumbling into the ocean. But the state is having trouble repairing it because doing so runs contrary to Oregon’s powerful land-use rules. So now, authorities want to tweak the rules despite the failure of past efforts.