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Doctors familiar with OHSU's heart transplant program think it'll be several months before the program can hire the staff needed to restart.
Meanwhile, some patients are frantically trying to get on the transplant list at other hospitals.

OHSU Closed Its Heart Transplant Program. Now What?

Health care experts think it could be six months or a year before the program is back up and running. Some patients are looking for new heart transplant programs, others are waiting for a restart. 

Editing And Repairing Human Embryos

A discussion about the science and ethics of editing human embryos, with members of the research team at OHSU who just announced a breakthrough in the field.

Software to build this $50 hand on a 3-D printer are available from the nonprofit Enabling The Future.

Plant Smuggling | 3-D Printing | Clackamas Service Center

A local doctor used a 3-D printer to make a prosthetic hand for a 6 year old. Also, a fire shuts down one of the main homeless service centers near the Springwater trail. And we learn about an undercover investigation into plant trafficking.