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OHSU: Infections could be the highest of the pandemic in the coming COVID wave

The good news, according to Oregon Health & Science University data scientist Peter Graven: "We’re seeing less severity and more incidental hospitalizations across the state. That’s continued, and indeed while we’re having very high infection levels, I’m expecting our hospital census to only get up about half as high as it did in January."

Lots of questions as Oregon prepares for omicron variant

“I think people want to be protected for the holidays. And now I suspect that the new variant is adding to people’s sense of urgency in getting a booster,” said Dr. Jennifer Vines, the public health officer for Multnomah County.

Inside OHSU’s fight to save the region’s sickest COVID-19 patients

In room after room at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital's COVID-19 intensive care unit, patients are sedated and on life support, many of them much younger than the people sickened by the coronavirus’ earlier waves. As they tend to patients, the nurses, doctors and support staff on duty report feeling the strain.